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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by laylah, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. laylah

    laylah Well-Known Member

    Hi, so many people asking for recipes ....... does this mean there are no good (English language) Czech cook books out there?

    don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading all the recipes on the site, but it makes me think how nice it would be to get my hands on even more recipes using traditional ingredients and preparation - so can anyone recommend their favorite Czech cook book please?
  2. Sigma

    Sigma Well-Known Member

    I like this one... ... 425&sr=1-2

  3. laylah

    laylah Well-Known Member

    thanks for that - I see it is available at Amazon uk too. Once I have a copy I can maybe surprise my son and daughter-in-law with some real "home cooking" :wink:
  4. stepan

    stepan Well-Known Member

    Many years ago, my sister gave me the Czech Cook book by Joza Brizova - "The Czechoslovak Cookbook," translated and adapted by Adrienna Vahala, Crown Publishers, Inc

    It has some very good recipes, however they are not as my mother made may things, so, before she passed away, she went through the book and annotated the recipes to the way SHE made them. I have done them both ways and they most certainly are better with the annotations.

    My mother also gave me many recipes of her own that I have saved and have cooked. They are wonderful. I plan to write a cook book of her recipes some day - I have a start on it and plan to finish it when I retire. It will be a cook book that not only gives recipes, but also give antidotes about serving, accompaniments, and stories about her food. So, if you ever see a book entitled “From Georgia’s Kitchen – A Story of Czech Cooking”, you will know it is mine.

    I hope I can live long enoug to finish this dream as a tribute to my mother and Czech cuisine. I find it very tasty and varied. It takes the best of European cuisine and puts a Czech twist on it.
  5. laylah

    laylah Well-Known Member

    What a terrific project! I thoroughly enjoy cookbooks with stories about the food, regions, recipes and people who first came up with them and I'll certainly keep a look out for yours in the future. Good luck with it :D

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