Czech Courting customs (not wedding customs)

Discussion in 'Culture' started by RachelMacgregor, Feb 1, 2006.

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    I am not joking
  2. ultraspunk

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    were you joking?
  3. Toots pink

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    I am courting a czech fella, and he is the most romantic, thoughtful and sweet man I have ever met. Much nicer to me than English men and I cant wait to marry him!! :D
  4. ultraspunk

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    Czech men rule....Take it from me...

    Czech/Italian mixes....Even better

  5. impish

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    I'm an American woman who just got snagged by a Czech man. I thought "you will to cook for me" was a misunderstanding of his terrible accent; until I found myself cooking him pork and potatoes for dinner. Am I doomed to a life of hockey games and dumplings or are some of the things you say an exaggeration? :shock:
  6. dzurisova

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    Impish, the things these people are saying are not an exaggeration. I smile because much of it is all too familiar. I also am an American married to a Czech man. He is tight with the money and getting cards for birthdays and mother's day, etc just is never going to happen. He tries, bless his heart, but he always forgets. Then when we spoke about it, he said exactly what iluvuma1's husband says, that they are a waste of money and wouldn't I rather he save the money for nice vacations, etc. He feels that if he is there with me and gets me a gift that is good enough.

    I knew when I married him that he wasn't going to cook and clean. So I used it to my advantage. He smoked about a pack a day and I refused to marry a smoker. We made a deal that he would quit smoking and he would never have to wash the dishes. He quit smoking and has never washed dishes. But I consistently have to remind him that the deal was only about dishes... he could still do laundry, cook, and sweep the floor once in a while. It rarely happens though and I work outside the house full-time and he works from home.

    As far as affection. I have a lot of fun with that. He knows better than to deny me affection if I want it. He would pay for that. So I love to take advantage of that when he is with his czech friends. I become really affectionate just because I know he isn't that comfortable displaying affection in front of others. I kiss, hug, sit on his lap. Then the best part is that I say "Miluji te" instead of "I love you." He just smirks and says something in czech which he tells me means "me too." He won't say it. He will however say "I love you" in front of others but I can tell it makes him uncomfortable. That's what makes it so much fun.

    I laugh when you say you have a life of hockey and dumplings. That is very true but don't forget soccer. The good part about czech men, at least the ones I know, is that they are faithful and caring. Although most of them believe there is women's work and men's work; they appear to have more respect for women. They give women an honor and respect that one might see in a movie from the civil war times. I've really not seen many "womanizing" czech men. It is more like they protect and cherish women as a gift. They see what women have to offer society instead of seeing women as sex objects like most American men.
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  7. dzurisova

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    also, my step-daughter is czech but has lived in America for about 8 years. She dated czech men there and has dated American men here. She says the same as me. That Amercan men see women as sex objects and are more about having sex. Whereas, czech men have more respect and honor for women and are more about the relationship than just sex. Although American men will buy flowers and candy, etc. They just know what they have to do to get the girl in bed. It's not that they respect or honor her more.
  8. impish

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    Just out of curiousity, what differs in Czech women's attitudes towards men. Knowing what Czech women think of their men will probably prove more helpful than trying to get a straight answer out of a Czech guy. :wink:
  9. impish

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    Thanks for the well thought out response. I know that alot of my reactions to the things he says are filtered through my own cultural perception of things; as are his. It's good to hear that I'm not reading him completely wrong.

    As for hockey and dumplings....

    I only realized he really liked me when the scores to his hockey games started appearing in my text message box. :shock:

    I think he only realized he really liked me when I brought him a sandwich at one of his games. :lol:

    It must be love :wink:
  10. dzurisova

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    That's cute. I went to every one of my husband's hockey games before we were married. Since marriage, I go to about 2 per year. My husband says "A bird sings pretty when she's trying to snag a mate." :wink: Listening to your stories of new love inspires me to start going again.
  11. AndyC

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    I apologize in advance if this post seems blunt, Or downright rude. I really do but i am at wits end here now.

    I work in the private security field, Three months ago i met a Czech gal who's 11 years my junior. I am 32, A single father and Asian who grew up in South America. So yeah i'm not very asian, Anyways. She arrived at our site for training by one of my senior officers, He went on a trip and she took over his tasks. Naturally she didn't know anyone as her husband had just brought her from Slovakia to marry her.

    During that time we had lunches together, we kept in touch whichever way we could. Heck she always waited till i took mine before she called hers in, Every once in a while she would tease me with a cute act that would attract me even more and more to her. She would also pop out of wherever i was called off to, It was very memorable.

    However, after a while i guess she got more comfortable with the senior staff and supervisors and, well. She started seemingly flirting with them too, Suddenly she was thrust into senior positions plus barely talking to
    me nearly as often as she used to. Heck, i have to talk to her now. I will
    agree and won't argue with whoever says that i am a pig and that i should
    not be in love with a married woman, But. I am stubborn! SO here's my
    question, And please from the ladies, what is the proper way to court
    a czech lady? i love this one girl's amazing blue eyes and blonde hair. I am guessing you will tell me that there will be massive cultural clashes :lol:

    I appreciate any serious replies, Again. My apologies if i offended anyone, I just want to understand her heart is all.
  12. bouncingczech

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    Yeah, here's a well meant suggestion: Run fast and far!
  13. laylah

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    Yeah, I have to agree with Bouncingczech - this young lady is looking to find her feet in a new company, and you supported her until she felt comfortable with a few more people. You enjoyed each other's company but it's not wise to build romantic notions about what seems to be a little flirting at work - remember, she has a hubby at home!
  14. AndyC

    AndyC Member she ignored my text messages and posted how much she loves her husband on skype...wonder what her husband thinks about her actions at work huh? :?
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    If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, don't even go there.
  16. AndyC

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    Naw..i'm not that type of person....
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    Is this forum still active

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