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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Felicia, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Felicia

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    Hi. I am new member in this space. I am really fond of the Czech football and there are many great players in this game. I know a lot about Nedved, Smicer, Chech and many others. In my opinion, Tomas Skuhravy is the best football player in the Czech football history. But,alas, I do not know alot about him now. He does not have a web site and I do not know why. Anyone can tell me anything about his latest news and what is he doing now!! Whay does not he have a web site telling us his news? I appreciate your help.
  2. Halef

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    Well, Skuhravy retired from football some 10 years ago, that's quite a long time. Also, for Czechs it is not that common to have a personal website.

    It looks he runs a hotel in his hometown now.
  3. crespowu

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    Baros is also a good player.
  4. Alan_Scotland

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    Michal Pospisil was a good player for Hearts but i felt he never really had a long enough run in the team to prove himself. Anyway he has just signed for Belgian side Sint-Truidense.
    He is the last Czech to have left the club after Rudolf Skacel and Roman Bednar both departed for England.

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