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  1. cech39

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    okay so i am finishing high school in america and then goin back home. i have a yr and few moths left here. only problem is i stayed here a bit too long and dont exactly have all the papers i should. so theres no wrk and driving for me etc. is there anyways i could get my Czech ID made and send here ?

  2. eso

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    By this page: there probably is a way.

    You have to give power of attorney (plná moc) to someone in Czech republic and he can handle formalities. He must have your old id, though.
  3. eso

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    I believe that best way is ask Czech embassy in USA.
  4. cech39

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    yea i think im just gonna get it through the embasy
  5. evantula

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    Contact the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC ... they will be able to provide you with all the information that you need ... and ... GOOD LUCK !

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