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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by TomZ, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. TomZ

    TomZ New Member

    Hello everyone,

    If you are:

    1) a fluent speaker of both Czech and English
    2) live in New York City
    3) Have experience with literature

    I might have a quick freelance job for you. There are two short books in Czech from which I need to quote (I'm a journalist). I can't read Czech. Therefore, I'm hoping to hire somebody who can quickly read both books (a total of about 240 pages), figure out what's important, and translate a handful of relevant sentences. Fee negotiable. Drop me a line at tom.zoellner AT gmail if interested.

  2. airx

    airx New Member

    I can help you with those Czech books of yours, however I am in Sydney. You can contact me any time, sincerely Zoja.

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