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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some information on the Czech lion symbol - coat of arms. I've searched the internet and have found good information on the history of the symbol, but specifically I would like to know why the lion has two tails. If anyone could provide some insight on that I would appreciate it. Děkuji
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    Most likely it was reward of the Emperor to Bohemian king for help in war.
    Unfortunately historic sources differ, which king and which emperor :)

    But it was probably sometime around year 1100 +/-50 years.

    Czech source: ... uocasy-lev
  3. Jana

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    The second tail was probably added to the lion as a reward for help of the king Přemysl Otakar I (?1155-1230) to the emperor in battles against Saxons, however, the convincing proof is the seal used by the king Přemysl Otakar II (1233-1278).
    Source: LOUDA, Jiří: Království české: erby a rodokmeny vládnoucích rodů ... Havířov : Petr P.Pavlík, 1996. s. 22-23. ISBN 80-85574-09-8.
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    Thank you for the information :D

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