Czech Penpals - or ppl in Vancouver?

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by ChceSeMiSpat, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. ChceSeMiSpat

    ChceSeMiSpat Member

    No, tak to tady zkusim!

    I put something similar in my intro, but this seems to be the most appropriate place.

    I've been in Vancouver almost a year (before I lived in Toronto, before that Praha), and I have yet to meet any Czech people - is anyone out here? I would love a chance to chat.

    I wouldn't also mind chatting with a few Czechs in the CR (or really anywhere else) - as long as I get to kecat IN Czech, which is sorely out of practice.

    I've tried a few chats on seznam and such, but I found it a bit intimidating, given that my Czech was out of practice, and I wasn't up on the newest lingo.

    So if anyone wants to MSN or such, please PM me.


  2. Adela

    Adela Active Member

    a jsi původem Češka nebo jsi jen žila v Praze?
  3. jirka_baron

    jirka_baron New Member

    why don't you add me then!! We could chat and don't worry, nothing intimidating.
    I'm Czech, married in Brazil, with a handsome son. Nothing intimidating so far?
    I use both skype and msn. My nicks: skype: jirka_baron and msn:
    I'm open to any conversation in any language that I master. Those being Czech, English and Portuguese.
    Looking forward to talking to you. Oh, I must add that I get to be online just on the weekends.


  4. ChceSeMiSpat

    ChceSeMiSpat Member

    Ahoj Jirko,

    Thanks, I added you - perhaps we can connect sometime soon.

  5. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, what's your first name? Is Val abbreviation of some name? I can't think about any right now.
  6. ChceSeMiSpat

    ChceSeMiSpat Member

    It's Valerie ...dlouhe e (prvni) - I don't have any hacky it's problematic....Val is the short form I use here in Canada....would think any english speaking country...

  7. matluke

    matluke New Member

    ja jsem student ve vancouveru, a zadny cesi tu neznam! uz jsem skoro zapomnel jak mluvit, takze jestli nekdo (asi mladsi) chce se bavit, ozvite se!!

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