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    1920—Paul Selver – Modern Czech Poetry
    selected texts with translations

    You can either read it online as a Flip Book, download a PDF file (which is a bit more readable as the resolution is higher and there's an additional text overlay; but instead of two-page spreads as seen in the online reader, it uses a single page layout), or – to have the best of both worlds (and even higher quality and more options) – you can try the Flip Book (beta).
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    Vojto, I really liked this poem from that selection.
    Didn't translate it, just copied it. Hence, should be error free.

    Kovpop....The Pitman

    Já kopu, já pod zemí kopu,
    já balvany jak hada kůže se jiskřící kopu
    pod Polskou Ostravou kopu.

    Což kdybych tak jednou prokletým kahanem do štoly mrštil,
    sehnutou do výše narovnal šíji,
    levici zatal a vykročil přímo,
    půlkruhem od země k obloze vzhůru
    kladivo zdvihl a jiskřící oči
    tam pod božím sluncem.

    Slezské písně (1909)....Silezian songs

    I dig, under the earth I dig:
    Boulders glittering like the scales of a serpent I dig:
    Beneath Polská Ostrava I dig.

    How about if one day I should fling me accursed lamp into the pit,
    and stiffen my bended neck,
    Clench my left hand and stride forth and onward,
    And in a sweeping curve from the earth upwards to the skyline
    Should upraise my hammer and my flashing eyes,
    yonder beneath God's sunshine.

    That is fantastic....the dream of a man downtrodden by years of working in the mines.....he dreams of showing defiance

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