Czech qualifications needed for A-levels

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Evik, Jun 28, 2011.

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    does anybody have any information about the requirements English schools/colleges have for Czech students who want to study for A-levels. Is it possible to start an A-levels course after finishing the Czech Zakladni skola ('Basic school') at the age of 16 or do they still have to do GCSE? Please, share any experience or information you have. Thanks a lot.
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    Hello Evik.

    English 6th form colleges will allow you to do 'A' levels on merit. If you can show that you have been educated to GCSE equivelant (which you can) then they will almost certainly take you.

    The 6th form in schools are more traditional and it may be more difficult to do 'A' levels there. Personally i think if you have been Czech educated then you would be much better off applying to a college anyway.

    What part of England are you hoping to continue your education in?

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