czech what a place!!!

Discussion in 'Culture' started by punkrocker, Aug 13, 2004.

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    having just returned from a weeks stay in prague, i must say i am blown away! being a travelled guy from the uk, i WILL say that this has been my best experience so far. prague is beautiful in every way, the buildings, the people, the choice, and man cheap too. stayed in 2 different hostels "hostel le papillon" and "hostel manhatten", the owners were super, and rooms were very good! again cheap too.
    the 5 floor night club was just a scream, open till 5.30am as well, now that you dont get in the uk, entre was 50czech(£1.20), and the beer was 25czech £0.60) that is cheap!!
    only downside of the whole trip was the bulgarian hookers, after 10pm they just dont leve you alone. so beware!
    i love this place and will return as soon as i can, the czech girls are beautiful, i want to marry one!! so any czech girls that want a fine english man, then look no further. lol.
    10/10 paddy
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    the 5 floor club - karlovy lazne? :)

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