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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Sethol, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. morad

    morad New Member

    Hello all you pretty Czech Ladies. I am Morad from europe but living close to Baltimore, highly educated, good position, honest, nice looking... I did visited Prague many times and were impressed by the beauty and the good-education of the girls there. I would like to meet one of you for a good friendship and even more. Waiting impatiently for your replies. Thanks. Kisses.
  2. Blue_Liner

    Blue_Liner New Member

    Um.....this is my first time on here and i stumbled on this by accident. I am an american and I know this czech guy. Well I really like him and think about him all the time. How do I tell him I like him? I know I could just go up to him, but we don't really know eachother and I when I see him, he is busy and I can't ask him then. But I want to make him a sign to tell him that I like him. But I don't know how to put in czech. And since I don't know how to do this I don't want to put the wrong thing on there and piss him off. I am trying to learn some czech so he doesn't feel completely isolated from everyone. Can someone please help me?
  3. rypako

    rypako New Member

    I have a German guy friend, I'm a collage student and living at home. My mother asked him to come over for dinner and he said no. I was wondering if diner ment we were 'together' or what. My mom is angry and dosent think I should hang out with someone so rude. Can you tell me why he acted this way?
  4. Jaki

    Jaki Member

    I am married to a Czech man, I am a Canadian and we met in Canada when I was 18 and he was 20. He moved to Canada a few years before we began dating. I thought that dating a Czech would mean that I would have to explain to him about women's rights in Canada, etc. because it seemed to me that Czech women were more submissive than Canadians. However, after years of dating and marriage, I have come to realize that this is not the case. Many Czech women feel free to vocalize their opinions (I now know many Czech women closely), but there are differences when it comes to equal work around the house (the Czech men seem to do much less housework than Canadian men as a general rule), and the Czech men (in the Czech Republic anyways) seem to spend a lot of time socializing, which is generally done without their wives, at a local pub. This happens to a degree in Canada, but the Czech tradition is much more exagerrated. Czech men and women are also both more open about their bodies, and do not view nudity in the same way as North Americans. And dating a Czech means that you will probably eat some GREAT FOOD, and drink some incredible beer at one point or another..

    Hope this helps..
  5. Jaki

    Jaki Member

    boohiss13 - My Czech hubby says no ice to get more for his $$ too! And also although we were married with no pregancy, his parent, his aunt, and his uncle were all married when a little one was on the way! And - I agree about the 50's attitude to partying and to housework (although in some parts of Canada the housework can also be an issue - not the partying for us Canucks though - hee hee)! Wow, I am not alone!!!!
  6. Blue_Liner

    Blue_Liner New Member

    How is everyone in this fine new year? Well for me things are just kinda sucky.LOL. But hopefully they will get better. Like I told someone that I really liked him, then they kept telling me over and over that he has a girlfriend already. Which is fine and all but just the keep bringing it up which is kinda pissing me off. I'm fully aware that he is taken and I respect that. But what jerks my chain so much more is that he keeps looking over and smiling or nodding at me. But hopefully I can just get a good friendship out of this. that I have told ya what has happen, I'll talk to ya later.
  7. czechless

    czechless Member

    diamond...your attitude is more like a lump of coal...why don't you move to the South Bronx in New York and then we'll see how much you dislike Czech Republic....I'll gladly pick you up at JFK...that way you can see all of the crack heads out on the street chasing after you with an ice pick for some money or food....or if you prefer...I'll take you to Bridgeport Connecticut and see if you don't **** your trousers while crying like a baby to get the f***k out of there...CR is not such a bad place after me..........
  8. mamas_girl88

    mamas_girl88 Member

    hello everyone. I was just reading how everyone is talking about dating czech people and about the customs there. I was wondering , does anyone know if teens date there and how different it is for teens to date in the czech republic than it is here in Canada?Thanks , mamas_girl88
  9. picagallo2001

    picagallo2001 Member

    In respone to dating women from the czech republic I see no difference. Women are women and all men regarless where they might be from can't not be expect to change them to your life styles. All women like to be treated with respect, listen to, love flowers or a box of candy and be a gentelman.
    One of most inportance thing I see is getting to know your parter better than yourself. We see faults in others while in one self we don't. Not rushing into marriage or the sex part. Learn to listen in what each have to say regarles in the subject matter. If you can not maintain a serouis conversation, your heading into trouble. One must never dicuss, politics, sex or reglion but have an open mind n those areas and the willing to demostrate respect and acceptance. Most women love to have it their way, but they can also bend a little and go your way.. I plan to visit Prague in the very near future and belive me I will be open to everything including the rules of honesty, respect, and understanding and the willings to learn and accept.
  10. Daniela Paola

    Daniela Paola Member

    Hi, I am American, going to marry with a Czech citizen. I never was in Czech, and only can help you with description from people I know from there.
    They are very formal in relations with families. They are full of traditions. Maybe is not rare, but in South Americ is little bit uncommon.
    Are precisious, cold in first meetings, but when you know them deeper, they can be very warm.
    Some OFTEN opinions are that woman are independent, studying and working, and not interested in serious relations. There are opposite opinions about the czech men. I just listened it, but the people I have known by chat are not like this. I think is only GENERAL perception.
    I know only few people, but men seem to be romantic with their girlfriends.
    I have heard things which I thought only could "happen" on a ideal world... for example: some czech boy SAW someone in street and fell in love, then he looked for her work address and wrote her a letter... they are now dating. Very romantic, from my point of view, and impossible in my country culture.
    I think those are special characteristic in czech people... they are romantic, idealist... And there is a big abyss between women and men, in love sense.
    I know it was little information, and not precisious, but I hope it helped.
    Sorry for late topic, I just read it today.
  11. hana

    hana Member

    hey guys am datin a czech guy n' we r kinnda new couple! this guy is really romantic needs to be treated like a sweet baby.....we're havin fun sharin some stuff! well it's a good idea to invite him to ur place cook him a dinner.....n' it's great to know how to help him in his work or somethin he's doin! u know bein a caring loving lady with ur czech guy is the right answer! good luck for u all!

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