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    I'm from Italy and I'm currently looking for some Italian movies on DVD performed by Laura Antonelli (italian actess of the '70s) and published in Czech Republic in the past years.

    Movies on Czech DVDs I need are the following:


    1) "Tygrice" directed by Luigi Zampa

    2) "Bože, jak hluboko jsem klesla!" directed by Luigi Comencini

    3) "Vášen lásky" directed by Ettore Scola

    4) "Manželé z roku II (remástrováno)" directed by Jean Paul Rappeneau


    Can you please suggest me some Czech/Slovakian well-stocked online DVD stores where I can ask for them?

    I've found something on the Internet but I don't know Czech language, so I don't understand if the above DVDs are available at them or not, if they are are out of stock and if they are shipped oustside Czech Republic, too.

    Any suggestion about Czech online DVD shops?

    Are you able to supply me some links of the above movies on DVD available somewhere in your country?

    Maybe someone in this forum own the above DVDs in new or mint condition and wants to sell them?

    Please, let me know.


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