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  1. Calinë

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    When I was in Prague I saw a book Czech stept by step by Lida Hola. I haard that the book is very good but I was to late to buy it because all the bookshops were closed and I left the next day early in the morning.
    So I have few questions...
    Does anybody know this book, are you using it? Do you recommend any other book? Is this only a book or you can get audio with it? And I also dont know if there are some excersies in it or you have to buy a work book separately. I found it on the internet shops also and I m planning to buy it but in Prague the price for book was 880 CZK ona Amazon is alot more and at the price is only 455 CZK and the other price is 133 CZK (probably for work book or something). So....if you know anything please let me know because I m a little bit confused what to order. Because I would like to have the best thing for learning :? :lol:
  2. phi11ip

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    Czech Step by step is an exellent book, especially if you have a tutor. If you are learning by yourself I would normally recommend Colloquial Czech by James Naughton, but I see that you are from Slovenia, so you have a head start on us English speakers :) .
    There are are two versions of Czech Step by Step. The old one titled "Czech Step by Step a Basic Course in the Czech Language for English Speaking Foreigners" and the new one "New Czech Step by Step". with the old version you had to buy the book, workbook and cassettes separately. The new version comes with book, workbook and CD plus a handy 4 page reference "Czech Grammar in a nutshell". For furter information you can look at Lída Holá's website.
    There was a discussion on text books some time ago. Have a look here.
  3. I am currently studying Czech in the Czech Republic.. and am in my fifth month of doing so. I knew about "Czech Step by Step" for a while.. but finally bought it a few weeks ago (resiting due to the price..) However, it is FANTASTIC... especially if you like pictures and learn visually!.. It is laid out in the way that the title sugessts- "step by step"
    As the previous user said the new version comes with audio, workbook and everything included..
    It is DEFINETELY worth the money.
  4. Calinë

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    ameliareynolds, thanks for you help and thanks to phi11ip also. I will def buy this book in March when I m going back to Prague 8)

    It took me so long because I already how one "Učime se Česky" from Eva Roubalova. They are, at least they were, using this book at the Charles University.
  5. Polednikova

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    Yes, the new Step by Step, with the exercise book and CD, is very good and it was recommended to me by a Czech friend in London who teaches Czech to diplomats there.

    If you are in Prague for any length of time, I can recommend the Czech Language Training School in Zizkov. I have made very good progress in the six weeks I have been studying with them, using Step by Step.
  6. globallt1

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    I am desperately looking for a Czech teacher all the way out in Hluk.. if ANYONE can help, i would be sooooo grateful!

  7. telur

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    is there somebody who can tell me what is the cheapest way to learn Czech language. But i didn't say no price. I actually have not much money to use, so give me your best reccomendation plz. thanks :)
  8. dzurisova

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    Since you are already in Prague, you can hear a lot of it by hanging out and talking with others and using these websites:
  9. telur

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    mmm...very nice of u.
    Thanks for the link, i'll try to explore and collect any material necessary from it.
  10. CiervoPRG

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    Czech Step by Step , and Czech Express are great, for inexpensive options,..try out Windows software called BYKI,

    it is FREE
    Great tools, Flash cards, audio, typing CS and visual learning. & mp3 recognition for portable learning.

    It was so good I upgraded but then bought a MAC so I couldn't use it , I still have the pack so a quick PM could get you the upgraded package.
  11. jen

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    Byki works just fine on a Mac! I saw a link to it yesterday and downloaded it - I also downloaded Italian :)
  12. CiervoPRG

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