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  1. monikav

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    Can someone please translate? My mom and I were both born in the Czech Republic and she did her best to translate this but it's words she doesn't even understand. This is similar to a "Power oft Attorney Form" I'm guessing. Thanks so much!!! Any help would be very much appreciated! :)

    Plna Moc
    Kterou ja podepsany
    aby mne zastupoval ve veci dedictvi po
    zemrelem dne
    a aby zejmena:

    Dedictivi po uvedenem zustaviteli neodmitl nebo odmitl.
    Zucastnil se vsech jednani v teto vcci a soupisu majetku zustavitele.
    Uzaviral dohody o vyporadani dedictvi a to i takove, ze podle nich neobdrzim z dedictvi zadny podil, mezi sebou jsme dohodnuti a nase zajmy nejsou v rozporu.
    Prijimal pisemna usneseni a vubec cinil vse, ceho bude vyzadovat skonceni tohoto dedictvi.
  2. wer

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    Should this be a document you have to sign, I think a preferable solution from the legal point of view is to write the full powers in your language and provide a sworn translation.
  3. monikav

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    Yes, thank you so much for your help! They decided it would be okay if I signed the original Czech copy and not require a notary (which means I do not nead a translation!) But it's good to know what it acctually says, my mom said the same thing, in not so many words. But good to have this translation, incase it comes back, and does require a notary stamp. Thank you again for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it!!! I inherited some land from my grandpa, but I did not know this until my father past away. All of my family lives in the Czech Republic except for my mom and my sister-we left the country in 1988, I was only 9 years old. So basically my Czech speaking skills are that of a child. And my mom's English skills are about as good as my Czech :roll:
    Perhaps I inherited a great piece of land, we shall see. Thanks again, Monika (from always hot and sunny-Las Vegas)
  4. meluzina

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    literally full power as you say, but the standard english translation for it is actually "power of attorney"

    i know not much use, just thought i'd mention it :)

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