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Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by andyaz, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. andyaz

    andyaz New Member


    I live in the Phoenix area and wanted to see if anyone knew of any tutors or lessons in this area. I have met a few people who were visiting from the Czech republic over the years but I would now like to improve my Czech.
  2. Tmassey27

    Tmassey27 Member

    Interesting coincidence, I should have asked this question some time ago, I have been in Scottsdale (where I'm from) for two months, I'm moving back to Prague next, this tutoring would have helped.
  3. wwbb71

    wwbb71 New Member

    did either of you have any luck or responses for Arizona?
  4. Tmassey27

    Tmassey27 Member

    Nah, I looked into some things while I was out there, but nothing worked out. I'm back in Prague now, so its not important anymore.
  5. wwbb71

    wwbb71 New Member

    thanks, i'll keep looking
  6. pjambo

    pjambo New Member


    I am not a language tutor but I can speak Czech and I am moving to Phoenix soon ( December- January) :)

    I can try to help you practice if you'll want.

    Cau Pjambo

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