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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Ashish, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Ashish

    Ashish New Member

    Hi There,
    Just wondering where can I meet czech ppl in toronto. I can be reached at
  2. shawn

    shawn Well-Known Member

    Hi Ashish,

    I am friends with 2 Czechs, one of whom is co-owner with her husband (Slovak) of a pub in downtown T.O. I'll ask her tonight if she'd mind if I put together a monthly/weekly/however-often night there for Czechs and lovers of Czech. Sound good?

    Feel free to email me at if anyone is interested.

  3. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    There is Prague Delli on Queens Street where you can ger excellent check food (eat in the back of the store. Right beside that there used to be Czech Restaurant (not sure if it is still there). Not far from there used to be two Czech/Slovak Travel agencies where you can get Best deals on tickets to Cz. by Cz. aerolines. There names are Slovakotour and Nitra.

    Also There is Masaryk Town area, I think in Scarborough where Czechs have get together and in summer camps for children. I think there is also Czech retirement home. There is also restaurant on premises and you can call there and ask if they have any programs in the future.

    Novy Domov is Czech newspaper in Toronto.

    I do not have details for above, but you can look it up in phone book or if you go to Prague Deli, they know about all places and while you are eating you can read Novy Domov (in Czech) and one other newspaper. In same place (back of the store) they always have small posters hanging with announcement of Czech entertainment in Toronto.

    There is also Czech Theatre in Toronto - playing Czech plays in Czech.

    If you locate/phone any of these places they know of each other.
  4. Victoria

    Victoria New Member

    I have two girlfriends coming into toronto from Prague who will be looking for work for the summer. They are twenty something, fresh out of teachers college, looking to increase thier knowledge of the english language. Can anyone suggest where i could look for Nanny jobs or where i could just look in general. I thought that maybe there would be some czech families who maybe interested in having a czech nanny in toronto.
  5. Martin C

    Martin C New Member

    well there are many places you could look for jobs...i know of alot of people that need nannies so i can ask but nothing is ever for sure. My nationality is czech also and i totally would like to meet more czechs. i live like 5 minutes from toronto and i am moving to prague in the end of september. anyways give me a shout, my email is Job or no job i will still see how i can help!!!!

    Martin C.
  6. tufansevim

    tufansevim New Member

    Hello All,

    Any plans for watching Czech vs. Denmark soccer game?

    Let me know if you plan to watch it.

    I am not a czech but Czech soccer team fun.

    We can come together in Jack Astors in Don Mills and Lawrance on Sunday? Anybody interested? (Beer was $2.5 in the weekday)
  7. Aly

    Aly New Member


    I studied in Prague for a year and now am back in Toronto working. I was wondering if there were any good bars where Czech people generally watched the Euro Cup matches. I would love to watch the game and have some pivos with some Czechs.


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