czech's rule

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by aaron, Jan 5, 2000.

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    THANK YOU! One of my pet peeves. (or should I say "pet peeve's" :wink: )
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    In response to the original subject:
    I agree, Czechs rule. I have Czech origins, but grew up in the U.S. I have always felt a little out of sync with typical American attitudes and views. I never attributed it to being Czech until I visited Prague. I felt very at home there and was reminded of my grandmother many times. I never realized how much effect dad's side of the family had on me! I have been to other foreign countries, but Czech Republic didn't really seem foreign to me at all.
    What a wonderful place!
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    My father's entire family came here from Bohemia (Pribram area). I, too, have always felt a bit out of sync with American attitudes and norms. When I started reading about Czech culture, I saw a reflection of myself and realized that my family retained (and passed on to me) their Czech culture and mannerisms. I look forward to traveling to the Czech Republic in the future. Something tells me I will like it there very much!
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    I realize this forum thread is very old but as I was just reading it, I could relate to what several people had to say. I have never felt like I fit in here (in the USA) and this summer I was "adopted" by a group of about 7 Czechs. We got along great. As a result I have planned a trip to Prague for this Spring. The more I read about Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic the more I feel that I was born in the wrong country, and I'm not even of Czech ancestry! My ancestors were Polish. Anyway, It saddens me that I have lost contact with most of the group I met this summer. Actually, I fear that I have offended one of them... the one that had become one of the best friends I have ever had. If I did it would have been unintended - a misunderstanding due to written communication. So long story short, I have a plane ticket to Prague, and I don't know whether to dread the trip or look forward to it. :?
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    Regardless of what happens with your friend, look forward to your trip and have the time of your life! You already have your ticket and besides, realistically, how many times are you going to spend your vacation in Prague? Enjoy it for all it's worth! (Then come back here and tell us all about your trip :)
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    hello everyone. yah, a bunch of those previous posts we're kinda old , but i just want to say that i agree with everyone : The Czech Republic is an AWESOME place!!! :lol: my mom and her family are czech , an i've been there twice, and might so there again this summer(summer 2005) I LOVE IT THERE!! :lol:

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