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    Hi, I was researching on Czech cause I am planning to move to Czech or Germany from USA. What affect me the most was on summer of 2002, I went to a HUGE internation meeting for deaf. I met alot of foreigner and I REALLY like Germany people cause they are such badass and fun to be around. But when I met two Czech lady, OMG I JUST WANT TO KNEEL AND ASK ONE OF THEM TO MARRY ME! I didnt even have to talk to them or anything I just knew I already find my dream ladies!!!! After talk to them, they seems to be REALLY nice, sweet, and very easy going. After few years I decide I want to try something new so I decide I want to move to europe. So I am trying to stock up on as much informtion as possible. So I thought I may ask how does they treat the deaf in Czech? Also is it possible for me to get a job? If so where would you recommend me to start? Also will it be hard for me to find a roommate? Even if I have amazing ability to pick up lanaguages (reading and writing) and blend in? Also any other advice? Thank you in advance.
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    I think it's great that you want to go to the Czech Republic, the women are beautiful, but there are many other beautiful things in the country as well.

    I have a sister who is deaf, and she signs only in English and she speaks English quite well, and I know that when she went to the Slovak Republic she had no trouble fitting in with people her age because she is very out going. But, she also had some help because our other sister was with her and could help to translate.

    I don't think that you should worry about being treated badly in the Czech Republic, however you should know that English signing probably will not help you at all. As you probably already know, Czech and English signs are very different.

    If you're in a big city, like Prague, many of the signs are also written in English, but if you go to any smaller cities you'll probably have more trouble if you can't read any Czech.

    I suggest that you contact your local deaf services bureau and ask them for advice, my deaf sister works for a deaf services bureau in Florida and she does some job assignments there...perhaps if you want, I could put you in contact with her.

    Good luck!
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    Eli thank you so much for replying, I was starting to getting really worried that no one would answer. I know many country have beautiful ladies, ladies arent only reason I am moving there. The biggest reason I want to move there is because it is right in middle of europe and close to Arabic and Russia which mean more traveling opporunity, more things to see and more people. I also read that a University are free as long as I take it in Czech lanaguage. I am currently teaching myself Czech lanaguage, already learn about 35 words in one week. My goal is to be able to read and write about 700 to 1,000 words by time I get to Czech.

    Yes please put me in touch with your sister, I need as much help as possible. By the way are you sure she sign in English? Cause in USA most deaf use ASL which is basically from France and I read that Czech sign lanaguage are base on France too.

    One of thing I am most worried about is getting a job... I have no idea if they will hire people like me. One of my friend who has never been to Czech keep saying that they will not hire me at all. I am wondering if that is true? Or do it depend on what I am capability of?
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    By the way deaf bureau in my place is a JOKE!!!!!!! It is all about arguing over rumors 24/7 and no one can get a thing done so I am NOT gonna to reply on them at all, hell I dont even social with deaf people over here at all!
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    I just sent you a private message with contact information for my sister, so please let me know if you get it or not.

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    No I didnt get it :( You can email me at I am really looking forward to it. Thank you

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