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    I have a picture of my German grandmother's grandfather, Wilhelm Walter, in his military uniform. I called her to ask what year it was taken and she asked me if it was Navy or Army. I could not tell. She told me if it was Navy it was before 1914. If it is Army, after 1914. He was in the Army during World War I. I can tell you what it looks like.

    He is standing straight in a woolen uniform. Two sets of buttons going down. Hem reaches to his hips. Pockets on both sides. His cap has a tight ring going around the top of his head and is flat on top with a round circle shape. There is German lettering written on the ring of the cap. I cannot make out the ind. letters. He is holding a pair of gloves in his left hand w/ his right hand behind his back. I don't know if that means anything :roll: ?

    Thank you for your time,
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    I should have been more clear. My :?: is, How do I find out which type of uniform this is? Does anyone out there know how to tell the difference?

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    What about this site?

    http://www.diggerhistory.info/pages-uni ... erman2.htm

    Maybe it's help
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    Hi Eso,

    Thank you for your reply. I think I found a similar uniform. But I am still unsure if it is navy or army. It doesn't state. Maybe I will post a picture of him to see if someone out there can tell me the difference. Or wait until I see my grandma next.


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