Disturbance in Prague last Saturday

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous (Czech-Related)' started by GlennInFlorida, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Any comments on the clash between extremists in Prague last Saturday? I, for one, was very pleased with not only the police presence but with the complete solidarity across social and cultural lines against them.
    Saw a picture of Prague Castle framed by two riot police in full gear on horseback (they looked rather like Darth Vader) - from their appearance, you don't want to mess with those boys.
  2. eso

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    Here is quite realistic article about event:

    I of course hate neo-nazis - they are real dim-wits.
    But anarchists aren't saint, either.

    I really don't envy police, when they have to clash with both sides.
  3. Morning all, I read a really "funny"article on www.tschechien-online.org about this stupid idiots. My girlfriend and me tried to shy away from visit the center on this day. Myself had a appointment close to the center during the afternoon so I saw a lot of d*ckheads :oops: and of course police. At the early night we went out for dinner at Wenzel Square and again police and *** everywhere. Thanks goodnes no escalation at this time. We passed a group of this idiots, they were standing with the face to the wall, hands up in the air, like small boys. Good. Helicopters and klaxon the whole night ...
  4. scrimshaw

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    I had not heard about that.
    Extremists are everywhere it seems.

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