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    The last time I was in the CR a couple of months ago, I took a cab to Brno and back. I'm pretty confident about directions and I'm looking to rent a car when I go again next week. Just a few questions .....

    1. How many car rental companies are at the Prague airport? And can you usually rent a car on the spot or are shortages anticipated and I have to reserve in advance? Are they located across the way from the terminal? I vaguely remember seeing some rental places.

    2. Gas stations - do I pay first or pump first? And do the pumps have credit card processors?

    3. Regarding the highway sticker or whatever it is, I guess I could inquire about that at the rental place.

    4. Do they usually allow the car to be driven across country (e.g. Brno)? Are there mileage limitations?

    5. Any other things I should be wary of?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. uuspoiss

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    Not sure about the rental things (better just ask some of the companies whether they usually have cars available without notice etc), but -

    - there are plenty of gas stations on the highway from Prague to Brno. As a rule, you tank first and then go in and pay for however much you pumped. Both of the cards that I have (VISA electron and MasterCard) are accepted almost everywhere, never had any problems

    - you can also buy the highway stickers (dálniční známky) in most of the gas stations. They are for varying periods of time. If I remember correctly, the shortest one for a personal car was for 15 days and cost 200 Kč. If you will rent a car, you'll probably be able to get one with it though.

    Good luck
  3. cecco angiolieri

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    hiya..... those are the rental company operating at ruzine airport in prague

    Car-Renting Facility

    Parking "C"

    * ALIMEX CR Rent a car - Phone: +420 2 20011 4860
    * AVIS Autovermietung - Phone: +420 2 2011 4270, +420 235 362 420, Fax: +420 2 2011 6848
    * BUDGET (AT Car s. r. o.) - Phone: +420 2 2011 3253, Fax: +420 2 2056 0443
    * CS-CZECHOCAR - Phone: +420 2 2011 3454
    * DVORAK, Rent a car s. r. o. - Phone: +420 2 2011 3676, Fax: +420 2 2011 3534
    * EUROPCAR (Czech rent a car s. r. o.) - Phone: +420 2 2011 3207, +420 235 364 531, Fax: +420 235 365 318
    * HERTZ (Rentex Autopujcovna s. r. o.) - Phone: +420 2 2011 4340, 3681
    * NATIONAL, ALAMO (Czech auto rent s. r. o.) - Phone: +420 2 2011 4554
    * SIXT (Speed Rent a. s.) - Phone: +420 220 115 346

    you can directly look at them at the airport web page....under the services subfolder: http://www.prg.aero/en/frames.htm

    about refuelling i stick to what have been previousely said in the other post.
    the highways toll sticker is usually on each car rented and for what i know there are differen kind of contracts( in ex. limited miles per day or illimited miles ) and cars with therefore different prices .... but i think you'll be able to have all the proper infos from the rental companies in case you'll enquiry them.

    Take care!

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    Hmmm...last year i drove a hire car from prag to brno, soon as i arrived i had the rozzers on my tail for 5mins while i looked for a petrol station...eventually they pulled me over for making an illegal right turn (how was i sposed to know, id only been there 5mins!!!!)...i'm sure they only followed me so long because i had prag number plates...imagine their joy when, thinking they'd collared a pragster, i get out clutching my british passport, claiming not to speak a word of da lingo....

    Here's the important bit: They tried to fine me 2000Kc...which i refused point blank...eventually they accepted 400Kc, the dodgy b'stards...and to REALLY p1ss them off, i demanded a receipt (otherwise they'd just have pocketed the cash).

    Other than that, just un-learn clutch control, ignore zebra crossings, use your horn regularly and believe you own the road...and you'll fit in just fine :)
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    You can find a list of carhire companies on http://www.flighttoprague.com . I found this site very useful especially for finding flights.
  7. KJP

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    You actually took a cab from Prague to Brno ?????? :roll: ouch, what did that set you back?
  8. mdl

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    Not usually a problem getting a rental car at the airport unless its stupid times, however if you have pre-booked no matter what time you land (even if delayed) they will wait for you.

    Obviously if you arrive and havent pre-booked expect to accept whatever they have, also remember (in most cases) that they wont have the cheapest option left for you, once I was told they hadent got any of the economy cars left so upgraded me and wanted to chrge me extra, and I had pre-booked. They charged my credit card (they need the details as the insurance deposit) without my aurthorisation, I got a refund but it took a while.

    Having said that I havent had any other problems, Ive used avis (once) and europcar (3 times) and would recomend europcar, they were more helpful, cheaper (if you book on line you get a discount from certain airlines). All the staff speak English so dont panic about that.

    The rental cars already have the motorway tax sticker so no need to buy that. If your planning a cross boarder trip, even if its a short one, tell them and check it wont be a problem. For example (and I dont know why) a lot of the rental companies dont allow you to travel to poland.

    Fill up with petrol first then go and pay for it (as a general rule). The main petrol stations will have credit card facilities, but the smaller out of the way places usually like/take cash only.

    A few pointers when you get on the road, wear a seat belt, expect the unexpected (it will happen) be prepared to drive very defensively. Always carry your car & insurance details (the rental agency will give you these) you will be fined by the police if stopped and you dont have them. Most Czech drivers are crazy, they will overtake whether its safe or not, just be prepared.

    Ask for some advice on the road signs, what you think has the right of way (a main road compared to a minor road) is not always the case, but you will get the hang of it.

    If you get stopped by the police as soon as they know your not Czech expect a heafty fine, dont pay the first figure they say (usually 2000czk) and keep a low amount of money in a seperate pocket (400czk max) and tell them its all you have, and always get a recipt.

    Its pretty easy to get from Prague to Brno, and its one of the fastest routes in the CR. You will find most skodas (regardless of age), audi;s mercs etc will drive as fast as possible about 2cm from your back bumper, again just be prepared for that, its normal in Czech.

    Thats more negatives then positives and its based on my driving experiences in Czech (and my in-laws). General speaking Ive had very few problems and ive travelled a lot of throughout Czech (and Europe). Just keep your wits about you and i'm sure it will be a smooth journey.

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