Driving license if I'm short of sight in 1 eye

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by JA55, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I am new in this forum, moving with my wife and 2 children for an expat assignment in Prague in 2-3 months. I have read loads of the info you have here and want to thank for helping us to get a betetr idea of how live in Prague would be.

    My question: Due to an accident I have problems (not 100% fixed by using lenses) in one eye. Can somebody tell me if the Driving license granting depends on having acceptable vision w/both eyes. I mean are you taken though eye-exams?

    Many thanks
  2. wer

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    Eye-exams are included in medical opinion needed in driving licence application but, usualy, they are not necessary for foreign driving licence granting (in fact, responsibility is assigned to driving licence issuer).

    But granting of your licence depends on your citizenship (resp on driving licence origin). There is no problem in EU. Where are you from?
  3. JA55

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    Thanks wer,

    I'm confused, what do you meant by "not necessary for foreign driving licence granting"?. Does this mean that i can come with an international driving license?. I've heard that those are not accepted for longer period of times...was like: If you're here for a week, OK you can use your home country license or an intl, but if you are staying more time (which is my case...might be up to 3 years); then you need to get a local one. Do you know if this the case?

    No EU, I'm from Mexico, so I doubt any "validation" would apply.
  4. wer

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    Uh, Mexico :eek:.

    OK, you really need new driving licence (DL) - after 3 months since first day of residence permit validity.

    See info at Ministry of Transport website. There is'nt written you need medical opinion. I checked it also in Act no. 361/2000 Coll. and Regulation no. 31/2001 Coll. and found nothing about medical opinion in your case. Only in the regulation is written that restrictions from your original DL must be rewritten in the new one (in accordance with international conventions).

    BTW, DL is issued by Municipal Office (Section Driver Register = Oddělení evidence řidičů) in place of residence. The needed photo must be "en face" (both ears visible :!: - my photographer calls it "prison en face" :D).
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    Many thanks, I will check the info. What you are sharing looks better than my initial thoughts. I plan to be in Prague in 2 weeks for acquaintance, I will aim to gather more info then.


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