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    The first republic of Czechoslovakia, between WWI and WWII, ranked in the top ten of the world's industrialized nations and economies. What characteristics among the populace and leadership do you believe made it possible to bring such prosperity?
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    I think it was because 60-70% of the Austria-Hungary Empire's industry was placed on the teritorry of Czechoslovakia, therefore the products were needed and had a good outlet abroad. And also the enthusiasm that took place when we became independent. But there wasn't always prosperity, two major crises occured, one after the WW 1 when the country was exhausted by war and second, after the 1929 Wall Street crash. Before WW 2, the economy was at the same level as before 1929.
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    Thanks for your insightful reply. It would appear from your macro-view that Czechoslovakia rode the wave of Circumstance to achieve prosperity. (I wonder if "circumstance" can be modeled and artificially created to drive a successful economy?) There were very few democracies in the world at that time. Do you think Czechoslovakia's democracy played into the favor of circumstance as well?
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    I'm not quite sure, I'm not an economist, but maybe if you give resources to the right hands.. it might work. And in my opinion, democracy was absolutely a benefit for the economy.
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    How does the current culture of the Czech economy compare to its prestigious past? Lets take a look.

    Between WWI-WWII, factors contributing to a top ten world economy:
    Heavy Industry
    Favorable outlet for goods

    The Czech Republic of Today:
    Forfeit of autonomy to the EU
    Heavy Foreign Investment(manufacturing:automobile plants,etc. Goods: Walmart, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.)
    Pockets of enthusiam

    What favorable career choices do young Czechs strive for?
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    Apparently if there is good news about the current economic outlook for the Former* Czech Republic it is this:

    Migration of Czech professionals seeking higher income outside of the Former Czech Republic (Doctors,etc) will be short term as proposed EU wealth re-distribution erodes the standard of living/wages in neighboring economies(longer working hours, constricted pention benefits).

    The Former Czech Republic will retain its status as the "India of Europe", filling its role for a stronger Europe by providing cheap labor for outsourcing and manufacturing.

    The good news: although the economic reality for Czechs will not improve, at the same time it will not get worse!

    *All nation-states will be dropping their adopted Country name and replacing it with "Europe". i.e-Plzen, Europe Prague, Europe

    -Illustrated in this flash animation:
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    hmm weird and a bit erroneous map
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    There appears to be a short term economic advantage:
    Available from the European Union structural funds will be 2.5 billion euros for regional development within the Former Czech Republic.
    This money can be acquired for approved and well-prepared projects during the first two years. Prague is a municipality within the Former Czech Republic that is considered too rich to receive any structural funds and will actually give out and pay more to the EU then it receives. Therefore some pockets of the Former CR may experience new roads, better water treatment, and educational programs.

    The European Union was predicated, advertised and sold upon the idea of a Common Market. This single market apparently does not foresee an improvement in the standard of living for Czech households.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. A single capital-Brussels. A single central European bank. A single state-Europe. What is not shown in the flash animation is the gradualistic transition of a nation-state, to a member state, to the carving of the EU into 10 regions headed by non-elected govenors under the auspices of the non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels. This is not erroneous.
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    To lend validity to previous statements made herein, excerpts from a Sept. 24, 2004 Radio Prague interview will be inserted here>with remarks*:

    "Jan Svejnar is one of the most respected economists the Czech Republic has produced. An adviser to former president Vaclav Havel for almost a decade..."

    "I think that the big challenge is, of course, to get the economy in sufficient equilibrium to be able to join the euro. So the preparation for the entry into the euro is important. I think then connected with it is how to reduce the budget deficit and generally reduce the tax burden here, and I think for that the Czech Republic will have to carry out significant pension reform, significant health care reform."
    >Reduced pension and health care benefits for Czechs.*

    You were saying earlier that the Czech Republic and the other new states in the EU need to take advantage of membership - how should the Czechs do that?
    "Well, there are various ways. One of course is to benefit from foreign direct investment."
    >low wage manufacturing jobs.*

    "And concretely, in terms of now being members, to take advantage of the regional funds, the transfers that the Czech Republic qualifies for, but for which it has to show that it can use them productively, have the absorptive capacity -that's very important. "
    >Selectivley regional. i.e.-Prague and other municipalities not included*

    "Right now we're educating too few people at the college and university level."
    >100% true.*

    "...but at the same time be flexible so that people can really move to where they are most useful, to where their productivity is the highest; in the short run within the country, but in the long run all over Europe."
    >In servitude to Europe.*

    >The concept that the EU is for the benefit of people is beginning to erode??? Perhaps its intent is for the consolidation of power??? Can Czech culture be preserved???

    Helmut Kohl-"...we have no desire to return to the nation state.."

    Mikhail Gorbachev described the EU as-"the new European Soviet.”

    Vaclav Klaus-"Instead of dismantling socialism we have got … more sophisticated, more hidden and more intensive methods of government intervention and regulation, the ever-increasing size and scope of the welfare state, multiculturalism and political correctness."

    Vaclav Klaus-"“Europe is undergoing irrevocable changes while the uninvolved or uninterested majority of Europeans does not care or does not pay sufficient attention. Intergovernmental cooperation of independent countries aiming at removing barriers for the movement of people, goods, money and ideas has been — slowly but surely — converted into the formation of a supranational European state aiming at centralization of power in Brussels, at elimination of European nation states and at socializing Europe.”
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    How did you come to this idea?

    What do you propose instead, no foreign investitions? Those "low wage manufacturing jobs" usually enable people to earn more than in strictly Czech companies.

    What exactly is Czech culture for you and why shouldn't it be preserved? Is the EU going to close theaters or ban the Czech language? And why are you worring from Chicago?

    The only thing I don't like about the EU is its foreign policy like sending billions to Arabfart.
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    I understand where you are at psychologically. [Note the negative tone:"The only thing I don't like...,""...why are you worrying...,""What do you propose..."] The current environment is replete with negative experiences. The pre WW2 Czech generation carries a different attitude, morals and nationalistic desires. They have experience in an unfettered, and thriving environment!

    Your questions answered in order:
    *A portion of funding used for pension and healthcare will be reallocated to reduce the budget deficit. Underscored by Svejnar's use of the words 'significant reform.'

    *During the Industrial Revolution, the prime commodity was labour. In this century the prime commodity is Knowledge. The focus therefore should be on a majority of Czechs receiving higher education and not being relegated as third world labour, which is a very short sighted view with no chance of advancement in a 'constructed' Europe.

    *EU mandated educational policy will discourage Czech culture in order to realign the child's loyalty towards Brussels. This is not a blitzkrieg approach where instantaneous change is thrusted upon all individuals. It is gradual, and relying upon generational-cultural detachment. If you wish, read Beria's "The Science of Psychopolotics" to understand the purpose of creating a generational divide.

    The Confiscation of so many Nation-States. Quite brilliant.
    "... while the uninvolved or uninterested majority of Europeans does not care or does not pay sufficient attention."
    Makes it even more brilliant!
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    "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." Sherlock Holmes in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)

    At least you whom is reading this has the right to know the facts.

    The origins of the plan for a European Union:
    The idea of using a Common Market (tariff-free free trade zone) to create a supranational state (the EU) originated from a Soviet sponsored think-tank.
    The members of this think-tank where internationally recruited and toiled in nine years of research in order to aquire the best strategy for nation- state integration. The results of this study were released in Moscow at the Third Communist International in 1928.

    Following a detailed map to reach this objective, the Euro-Federalist is quarintined to act behind closed doors and without consent of the people.
    Integration. Integration. Integration. ex)'European Arrest Warrant.' You may follow the headlines and watch as events unfold into a centralizaton of authoritarian power and loss of personal/national sovereignty, as outlined back in 1928.

    Sorry, but the truth is bitter, lies are always sweet.
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    A simple technique worth pointing out to the reader.

    We start by quoting the experts:
    A study out this week entitled Zprava o stavu zeme by a team of Czech economists and sociologists states:
    " Immigrants need to be attracted also...Czechs reject ethnic and cultural difference, which will need to change if the country is to accommodate a growing number of immigrants." "People are becoming more indifferent towards other citizens, and their surroundings."

    ***This very simple technique is Multiculturalism. It will be promoted over and over and over, within the media and advertising. Xenophobia will be introduced as an EU crime. Immigration without assimilationism. What does assimilation mean?

    assimilation:to absorb into the Cultural Tradition of a population or group.

    Re-read the quote from the 'experts' above. Assimilation into Czech culture, history, and tradition is not required among the new wave of immmigration, but the Czech citizen is required to embrace foreign cultures within its own. Quite a simple process to facilitate the breakdown of Czech culture.

    Further quotes from the experts:
    "Economic reforms have been introduced, but they do not go nearly far enough....older people should be encouraged to stay in work past the official retirement age."

    ***Standard of living?

    Further quotes from the experts:
    "the country's politicians and intellectual elite need to stop thinking in terms of short-term stopgap solutions and adopt a long-term perspective. If changes are not made now, the authors say, the Czech Republic faces what they call moral and social crises."

    ***When an 'expert' wants to exert influence over one's thoughts to promote an agenda, they have historically used different means of fear. EU propaganda is being force fed into the level of thought processes. Is your mind being kidnapped? If you disagree with the experts are you promoting a "moral and social crises," or worse yet are you a "Xenophobe." Dissenters will be discredited-old soviet technique. Watch as it unfolds in the headlines!
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    Scientists abhor any relation between CO2 emission and global warming. A cycle of warming is followd by a cycle of cooling. Example: Greenland was named so because it was once green, now it is covered with a sheet of ice. How is this environmental propoganda turned into a control mechanism:

    " Next year the European Union will launch the opening phase of its ambitious Emissions Trading programme, which planners hope will help to reduce the union's overall greenhouse gas emissions. In line with the EU Emissions Trading Directive, as of 2005 individual EU members will be required to meet pre-set emissions caps spelled out in countries' National Allocation Plans."

    "Industries affected in the first phase include: steel producers, pulp & paper, the energy sector and mineral and petrochemical companies.
    But, here in the Czech Republic, some business leaders worry that the government's National Allocation Plan (NAP) - which is pushing for the country's yearly allowance of 107 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - will not get the go-ahead in Brussels. They fear that either the EC will push for even lower emissions that will raise costs even more and lead to a productivity and innovation slash."

    ""It's an expected reaction because one can say what we are doing is privatising something that until now was without any kind of payment. I mean, privatising a 'right' to emit C02 into the air."

    ****The EU emissions cap will influence increased unemployment as a result of decreased Czech productivity. The natural controls of supply and demand are being replaced by beaurocratic intervention through artificial means. This loss of industrial production and wealth will be transfered to emerging markets such as China and India.

    This is an interesting quagmire.

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