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  1. brandonm78

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    How do you translate:

    In the country of the United States of America, State of Washington, County of King

    I tried, and got:

    V zemi Spojené Státy Americké, stát Washington, okres King

    Did I do this right?
  2. fabik317

    fabik317 Well-Known Member

    "V zemi Spojené státy americké" sounds very bookish - "Ve spojených státech amerických" is perfectly ok, even in formal texts. the rest is correct.
  3. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    In Czech one would use rather the oposite direction and expand the location from the most concrete place. And we don’t use the commas the English way. We use rather a chain connected by prepositions, or adjectives.

    V okrese King ve státě Washington ve Spojených státech (amerických).


    V okrese King v (americkém) státě Washington.

    Grammatically, the most natural version should be:

    Ve washingtonském okrese King (ve Spojených státech amerických).

    But in the case of Washington it is better to use “ve státě Washington”, since under the term “Washington” we mean usually Washington D.C.

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