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    My grandfather, whom recently passed, had a phrase he always used, and I am trying to translate it for a family project.
    He was a very positive man, and he always encouraged people to push through hard times. He used the phrase "truck on" to tell you that you have to persevere and keep moving forward.
    Therefore, "truck" in this phrase is a verb not a noun, which makes it difficult to translate using online Eng. to Cz. dictionaries. I am looking for a translation that is as close to the literal meaning as possible while still falling under the "rules" of spoken Czech.

    So far, my research suggests one of the following, but I am not sure either make sense:

    Kramařit kupředu
    Kramařit vpřed

    Please help!
    Thank you,
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    I think it might be "táhnout to dál".

    But let me ask some other people :)
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    I am familiar with the phrase.....popular in the 60's I think.

    Maybe 'Porad vpredu.'...or..'Stale se pohybuj dal'...or..'Stale se pohybuj vpredu.'

    Those are without the czech diacritics.....plus...czech is not my first language.....but I think I have pretty much captured the meaning.
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    That's funny. :)

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