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  1. highseat

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    How do you say these in Czech please?

    You deserve it!/ You deserved it!
    We didn't deserve it.
    He doesn't derserve it.
    He deserves worse!
    She deserves more.

    For example; A football player does a BAD foul and the other player gets a broken leg. The referee then gives the player who made the bad foul a red card. We would all say "He deserves it". Although maybe he would derserve some worse punishment(a ban,etc).

  2. eso

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    Zasloužíš si to! / Zasloužil sis to!
    Zasloužíte si to! / Zasloužili jste si to!

    Nezasloužili jsme si to.

    Nezaslouží si to.

    Zaslouží si něco horšího / větší trest.
    /depends what exactly you want to say/

    Zaslouží si víc / Zaslouží si něco lepšího
    /again it depends on context/
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    Thanks a lot!
    I'm going to work now and I'll try to remember them whilst I'm working!
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  5. Karel_lerak

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    Yes, in all examples.
    (ne)zasloužit si něco/někoho with accusative; seldom and archaic with genitive
  6. doman

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    I was impressed with thoughts that almost Czech people had known well about grammar. :D .
    I speak Vietnamese well, of course, it's my native language, but if someone asked me about Vietnamese grammar, I have to say that I am a camel in the Artic.:oops:

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