English (US) for Czech...pretty please:)

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by eab7716, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. eab7716

    eab7716 Member

    Dobrý den! I'm a native speaker of English (US), so if you feel like sharing your Czech with me, let me know! I have a bit of training in linguistics, and I know linguists if you have questions I can't answer. I'm just starting to learn Czech, so I'm really just looking for someone to trade emails with. Thanks! :0)
  2. anja2010

    anja2010 New Member

    and I´m native Czech.Maybe we could have simillar interests,because I´m learning English. I would like to find somebody, who would speak English with me. Maybe we could help eachother.If you do not mind,that I´m 24 years old and a girl.I´m interested in forein languagues, so I can speak German, Polish, Slovak and I´m learning Russia too. So?
  3. veris

    veris New Member

    im czech girl who is interests about improve my english with native speaker. which city in czech u are? im from brno. if u live here contact me,we could to met and teach each other:))
    see u

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