EuroFest 2009 - No Czech Presence..... wanna change that?!

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    Dobry den,

    Every year a fantastic European Festival is held at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby. It draws thousands of visitors and displays foods and products from all over Europe. This year the event is on May 30.
    There are 34 European (or European heritage) countries participating.

    I've been informed by the festival organizers that there is no Czech or Slovak booth or presence planned for the festival this year. Both countries have participated in past events but the volunteers who manned the booths are not involved this year.

    The organizers would like to spread the word to the local Czech and Slovak community about the lack of presence at this large event. If anyone is interested in participating in the event, Alexandra from the Scandinivian Centre can be reached via email at:

    If someone decides to get a group of volunteers together for a food both please let me know, I am happy to volunteer my time and energy to assist either at the event or with some cooking. However, because I am not Czech (my hubby is) I leave the rest to you.......... hope to see you at Eurofest 2009!

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