Exchanging English for Czech in Brno

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by ttktaylor, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I'm looking for a native Czech speaker in the Brno area who wants to exchange Czech conversation for English conversation. My Czech speaking and listening skills are not very good at all :roll: ; that's why I need practice. However, my Czech grammar knowledge is quite good and I have a decent vocabulary. I'm sure my listening comprehension will get better with the help of a patient tutor. If you are interested, please send me a private message.

    I'm a native English speaker from the USA.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Helena, I am Czech, teaching English at the local Brno brewery STAROBRNO.
    I would be happy to exchange lessons with you.

    I will be looking forward to hearing from you.


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