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    I'd like to know a safety place to change Euros to crown when I arrive Prague. If it is possible, I'd prefer if it was in the airport, because after landing in Prague, I''ll go to Bratislava, but I think that I'll need a few crowns for somethings. So, any advices?

    But if it is any place closer to Úan Florenc bus station I accept too..because I'm going to take the bust to Bratislava there. (by the way, is the easiest way from the international airport to Úan Florenc this one: going to the main train station by bus, taking the underground there to Úan Florenc in direction to LETŇANY? )

    Thank you
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    You will only need small amount of money, so probably any exchange will be good, or you can withdraw from the ATM. Cannot say for the airport, but if you have some time at Florenc, you can use LBBW bank - no commision, better than average exchange rate, which is located just in front Florenc Metro Station (the other end of Florenc underpass then the Florenc Bus Station), just cross Sokolovska (tram stop) street.

    Some common rules/scams:

    Use the exchange office with lowest spread - Sell 25, Buy 24 is OK, Sell 28, Buy 21 is not OK. Spread is better to be lower then 4% of Sell price.

    Be sure that exch. off. shows both sell and buy prices. Should they only show one figure for currency, it is likely to be rip off (you do not see spread).

    Refer to exchange.cz before you leave your country of origin. It will help you know what rates you should expect (they have very good rates, both buy and sell).

    Be sure, that exch. rates shown are for any amount. Some offices only give you this rate for more than 1000€ eq. or so, and for lower than that they will give you different (rip off) rate.

    Be sure that they do not have commision for both sell/buy. They sometimes do not have commision for sell, but have for buy (or elsewhere).

    They Sell, they Buy (Foreing currency). Buy/Sell is from their point of view!

    Probably easiest, yes (if you do not want to take a cab). You can go as well by bus 100 to Zlicin, and by metro to Florenc from there, which is longer trip, however both Airport Express bus and 100 Bus goes twice an hour, so should you miss AE, and 100 is ready to depart, you will be in Florenc faster. Any other option requires two changes (bus 119+Metro A+Metro B) or is significantly longer (buses 179/225 to Nove Butovice+Metro B).

    The above applies for the day time, should you be at the airport between midnight and say 5:00 am, the transport is a little more complicated.
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    One more option, which will save you say 5 minutes: You can also get off from AE bus at Masarykovo Nadrazi (some 3 minutes before it reaches Hlavni Nadrazi), and take metro B (1 stop) from there to Florenc. Orientation around Masarykovo Nadrazi is easier (just ask anyone to point you towards metro entrance), than in quite extensive Hlavni Nadrazi station.

    (OK, comparing to say London St.Pancras&Kings Cross or Paris Gare du Nord is Hlavni Nadrazi in Prague very, very small :))

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