Famous people of Czech/Slovak origin??

Discussion in 'Culture' started by ta, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Alexx

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    Sure, he is.

    :) That's the way it is.

    Btw. I read today about Karel Gott's car accident, with another car with young americans. I would like to see their faces when recognized they must to hit some vip's car, because of all the people around starring :).
  2. Ark1tec

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    Did Kafka leave Czechoslovakia?
  3. Ceit

    Ceit Well-Known Member

    Yes. But his body is in Prague apparently.
  4. Ark1tec

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    Sorry I did not realise Kafka was not alive during communism but his revelations about bureaucracy were based on Austrian rule.
    Other famous Czechs living abroad include: Kaplicky, who defected to UK where he worked with Norman Foster and Richard Rogers during their early patnership. Kaplicky then worked for NASA designing furniture for space travel. His later independant work is quite fascinating, employing hydraulics which he helped concieve to be used as a part of buildings that inhabit hard to reach places such as rocky cliff tops, incorporating his trade mark his hydraulic platform that reached down to the sea for swimming purposes. His more recent work includes the Lords cricket ground pavillion in London Uk. Buildings by Kaplicky have the look of something space age or futuristic probably from his time working for NASA.

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