Fatal Attraction???

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Shaka, Jun 23, 2006.

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    when in prague, i met a gorgeous 20 yr old czech girl, full of enthusiasm, basically she has the sentimental things people look for in a partner,
    next month, im seeing her again, partly the reason im thinking of settling there,

    i have a friend who was dating a polish girl, they almost married (possibly so she stay in the UK), cheated on him, and rinsed him of about £5000

    he now happily married with an english girl he's known since school, and a baby on the way!

    i know every situation is different, but im wonderin if any of you have had a bad experience dating a girl (or lady) internationally?
  2. knew

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    I've dated a CZ girl for a few years, having met in the US. She retuned home shortly after we meet to finish school. We did the international thing, with her coming to stay with me during summer breaks, and we both made many trips back and forth during the rest of the year. I have totally lost track of how many times I have visited the CZ, but when we got serious about our relationship we decided that we should never go longer the 4 - 6 weeks without seeing each other. I made the trip for the weekend a few times and we have spent many, many hours on the webcam chatting… everything from breakfast together to dates in the evening. This may sound silly, but it is important to make this time if you want to make an international relationship really work. We just got married 3 weeks ago and she will join me permanently here in the states in 2 days. So it’s possible, but the relationship needs to be a priority to stand the test of time and miles. The good part about chatting endlessly is that you talk about everything. And if you never run out of conversation, that’s a good sign. And you really get to know each other well... it also forces you to slow down, to take the relationship one step at a time. Make no mistake, it can be very difficult at times, but even that difficulty can galvanize a relationship that is honestly real vs. an infatuation. Nothing truly worth having comes easily… If you take those steps together, make sacrifices together… then the international thing can workout just fine.

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