Fiction set in Prague: Novels, short stories?

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    Dear reader,

    I would very much appriciate your help regarding the following matter: I'm looking for literature (fiction) set in Prague. There is a lot, I know, but I'm not talking about the books and writers you usually tend to see in a relation to Prague (the German authors around Kafka, czech writers like Hrabal, Kundera, Urban, Topol etc.) - I'm particularly interested in novels or any kind of fiction AFTER 1989. I've found so far a marvellous novel by the french writer Sylvie Germain and a Trilogy written by the british author Stephen Weeks. I need this information for a large research project about "Literary geography and topography".

    Any ideas? Also concerning specialists I could get in touch with?

    Thank you very much in adavance for your help, have a nice week-end,
    all the best, Barbara
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