Financing Real Estate (Non-EU Member)?

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Boomer, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Been awhile since I've been on the forum, but things are getting closer to my move... and had a question cross my mind today (well, this month 8) )

    I've located several flats to lease/rent... but am also looking at buying once I find a place/area/district that I really like.

    My question is, I was on a realty site, and all over the page, were mortgage/bank adverts -I am sure you've seen them... where you put in your price + down payment + interest rate + term/length and it will give you a monthly cost...?

    But as USA citizen, for starters, am I legally allowed to buy a flat in CZ? If so, can I utilize these mortgage/bank offers? or are those just for CZ residents only?

    If I am able to finance as a non-resident, does anyone know what kind of information and documentation will be needed? I know many EU countries are different - and some more strict than others (like France) - And FWIW, I'm not talking allot of $$ here (or at least not to me I don't think it is) - like 1.8M CZK and probably would do 20% down... Does that seem "doable"? I guess I want to be prepared to bring whatever papers I'd need if I'm allowed to purchase.


    Boomer... 8)
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    For starter: :)

    The citizens of the EU states, the USA, Island, Lichtenstein, etc. are legally allowed to buy real estates in the Czech Republic.
  3. Boomer

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    OK, great news!

    Now, do I have to pay cash for it? or can I finance it? :?:



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