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  1. Paul_W

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    Hello everyone,

    Me and my friends are planning to visit this beautiful city next week, and looking forward to the amazing experience. I would be very grateful if you could help us with few points:
    1) What is the easiest way to get from Ruzyne airport to Eurohotel Praha (Türkova 5a, Praha 11) by public transport?
    2) We are planning to rent a car while in Prague, so I would be grateful if you could advise us good car rental agency and a price estimate.
    3)(Provided we succeed in renting a car) where could we get good street and road map?

    Thank you very much for you help!
  2. Karel_lerak

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    From "Letiště Praha" to "Chodovec" (nearest bus station). Find the connection.

    Bus 119 from the airport to the Metro station "Dejvická", then by Metro A to the station "Želivská", then bus 231 to "Chodovec", then 300m walk
    duration about 1 hour

    ticket price per person 26.- CZK, per piece of luggage 13.- CZK

    Taxi about 700-800 CZK

    2) No personal experience, there are plenty of them, e.g. Avis

    3) Bookshops, special bookshop for maps, hypermarkets, newspaper kiosks, petrol stations ...
  3. magan

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    This is late answer for you, but for anyone who is interested to rent the car while they are "in Prague", I would say don't. Get it for time when you travel in other areas of CR. Depending on how many of you are coming, even by bus to Cesky Krumlov it is very convenient and inexpensive. No cars allowed in part of Cesky Krumlov you would want to see either.

    There is big problem with parking anywhere touristy you would like to go in Prague and driving car around would be just real bother, never mind high possibility of your car getting towed - it doesn't take long. There are many one way streets and walking zones.

    Do search here on public transportation in Prague i.e. Metro, tram and you will see how accessible and easy and still inexpensive it is. For your Prague stay, buy ultiple day Metro ticket (it is for ALL transportation) and you will be happy. While planning on seeing Old Town area + Mala Strana you will not even need public transportation. Old area of Prague is walking city with an excellent public transportation.

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