Fish in a bucket for the "perts"

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  1. Calvario

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    Couple of easy ones. For all the "czech-perts" out there. I hope the natives know just how funny that is. LOL LOL Anyways...

    Kdo chválí pana Navrázila? Who praises Mr. Navrátil?

    Pan Navrátil chváli koho? Mr. Navrátil praises who?

    Are these correct? Want to make sure about the KOHO part.

    Čekáte rád? Do you like waiting?
    Could it also be written .....Rád čekáte? If not, why? If so which sounds better or more common?

  2. Alexx

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  3. wer

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    I think "Cestujete rád?" is much more common than the latter. And I interpret both in slightly different way. The difference goes like:

    Is it pleasure for you to travel?
    Is it travelling what is pleasure for you?
  4. Calvario

    Calvario Well-Known Member

    Does KOHO have to beging the second sentence I presented? Can it NOT be written with KOHO at the end. Why?

  5. Karel_lerak

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    (A) pan Navrátil chválí koho?
    This would mean that you know Mr. Navrátil praises somebody and you just want to know whom.

    The context would be e.g.
    Paní Nová chválí pana Radu.
    A koho chválí pan Navrátil? or
    A pan Navrátil chválí koho?

    Or in the situation you overheard whom Mr. Navrátil praises and ask:
    "Pan Navrátil chválí koho?"
    The question includes assertion that Mr. Novotný praises sb.
  6. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    "Pan Navrátil chválí koho?" is not wrong, but I would prefer "Koho chválí pan Navrátil?".

    Maybe in this context:

    Já chválím Pavla.
    Pavel chválí Honzu.
    Ivan chválí Petru.
    A pan Navrátil chválí koho?

    Btw. What is the difference between
    "Mr. Navrátil praises who?" and "Who is praised by Mr. Navrátil?"
    in english?
  7. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    DjAvatar wrote.....
    Btw. What is the difference between
    "Mr. Navrátil praises who?" and "Who is praised by Mr. Navrátil?"
    in english?

    These mean essentially the same thing...The second seems to give an extra impact on the word who....seems to imply that Pan Navrátil already praises somebody.
    Father asks son......And who is praised by his daddy? and the child goes me,me,me.
    Also, I think the second version is considered passive voice.
    The verb is not describing the action.
    1.Pan Navrátil does something
    2.Something is happening to somebody and Pan Navrátil is the agent.

    1. Pan Navrátil chváli někoho.
    2.Někoho je chválený (Panovi Navrátilem...instrumental case)

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