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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by Fate83, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Fate83

    Fate83 Member

    Hi all! What foods, if any, are generally not eaten in the Czech Republic? I know this seems an odd question but is there any foods that most people do not or are not suppose to eat? In some countries, certain foods are tabu and are not allowed eaten. Thank you for your help. :)
  2. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    No tabu for eat certain food. Maybe dogs and cats, but if nobody see you... :twisted: If you meet "the-right-man-to-show-you-what-and-how" you can eat everything. But you must count there is not very much of meal.
    Lamb, goat and horse are not very often and popular, it is serve seldom. Insects and sworms is not eaten as well as lizards. Frog's legs and snails anr delicious custom imported from France. They are served seldom at luxurious rastaurants. Fruits of sea are also pretty expensive as well many sea fishes. But it is question of wallet, not of tabu.
    On the other side - we use whole animal, which Czechs is used to eat - stomach, blood, brain, meal, lungs, livers, kidney, hearts, bowels...everything. We do not eat heel and horns... :roll:
  3. skate007

    skate007 Active Member

    You are jokeing right?? you do not eat blood, brains, and lungs! Come on really? Oh wow i hope you are joking because i am going to live there for 11 months and i dont think i could eat that!!!! :?
  4. Fate83

    Fate83 Member

    Oh Karel,

    You kill me! What a great post! :shock:
    I think that it would be good to post what is most common to eat for the sake of your soon to be new foreign exchange student. :wink:
    Again, you rock!! :D
  5. Ruzete

    Ruzete Well-Known Member

    No, seriously! in fact i just had brain and eggs last night not to bad! :D if your gonna live there, just don't look at the food while eating it, but it taste good!
  6. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, Skate007, it is not so bad. :lol:
    You must differentiate between animals. My info was general. Much more is exploited pigs than cows.
    Lung is prepared for meal with sauce, but now it is not so popular like some 60 years ago. Blood is used for delicious soup or for black pudding. Bowels are used as cover for sauseges or the black pudding. Brain is prepared with eggs, Ruzette has right, also it is not so popular like before. Kidneys with sauce are exelent, if it is good made. Livers with sauce or grilled are aslo very good. All of these are pork.
    Beef stomach is fine for deliciuos "držťková polévka" - tripe soup.
    We not use the beef blood, beef brain, we not use eyes (nor beef or pork). Even the bull glands are prepared for food, but I never tried it :roll: Also calf or pork tongues are very fine, mainly smoked and than cooked and served with potato mash.
    Anyway - have you ever try fry cheese, Skate007 :?:
    Karel :D
  7. skate007

    skate007 Active Member

    Wow, that is all so new to me, but i think i might give some of it a try! doesn't sound all that bad! :D I have had fried cheese (we call it cheese curds)! they are very good, here in minnesota we eat them every summer at the state fairs! fun fun! Karel Fous, have you tried them before? you should there are so yummy!
  8. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    I had to laugh as I read Karel's post. It stirred childhood culinary memories long forgotten here in Canada where a mention of animal innards make people puke. Karel, you forgot slices of cow udder, breaded and fried they are absolutely delicious!

    I can assure those who are heading for the Czech Republic that such dishes do not appear on a standard restaurant menu and I doubt that you'll ever encounter them except for "drstkova polevka" (spicy beef tripe soup) which is very popular and you owe it to yourselves to try it at least once.

    Which reminds me that larger butcher shops (look for sign MASO - UZENINY) have attached eateries where they serve a selection of hot sausages, boiled pork meat and hearty soups with fresh buns (ask for "housky" or "rohliky"). Beef tripe soup is a fixed feature there. Such eateries are an inexpensive alternative to restaurants if you are on a strict budget. I find the quality of sausages and cured meat superior to anything obtainable in Canada. Prague ham is renowned.

    Actually, this post is has made me crave tripe soup. It's a craving not easily satisfied as it takes 10 hours in a slow cooker to make it just so!
  9. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    The tripe soup is sell deep frozen as ready to heat, Eva2. Also at butcheries the tipes are precooked, for shortenig the incredible 10 hours of cooking rough tripes. :)
    When Fate83 asked for typical Czech dishes, that's what I've mentioned. You are right these foods I talked about are not find at 90% of restaurants - they offer universal non-smelling non-tasting food (probably prepared from old buses). But restaurants which offer typical Czech cuisine, or restaurants not just for tourists, could dish up these foods normally. Certainly you can find at typical offer at menu of an ordinary restaurants: goulash, cooked beef with some souce (dill's, tomato's, cucumber's, with eggs, horsredish's, onion's etc.), roasted pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. Not very much vegetables, very few vegetarian foods.
    Eating of udder fulfil me with similar feelings as eating the glands. Thank you. :( And I am absolutely not faddy. :lol:
  10. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Karel, I use pre-cooked tripe! It still takes a minimum of 10 hours in a SLOW cooker to obtain the required tenderness. It seems to me that you always buy your soup ready-made. Not that I blame you!

    Furthermore I disagree with your description of "non-smelling non-tasting restaurant food". When I visit CR, I eat in restaurants a lot and the food always tastes good. In fact, it is harder to find bad restaurant than to find a good one. For a non-tasting, non-smelling food try MacDonald's!

  11. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Not to worry, Fate83. The typical Czech restaurant menu looks as follows:
  12. haukur

    haukur Active Member

    no worries, I was an exchange student in the Czech Republic 2002-2003, and my host-family never had brains or lungs for dinner. I don't think it's common for people to eat that there. At least I'never heard of it. Not from my family, nor my friends or any of the other ex-chang students. Liver on the otherhand is rather common and rabbits are eaten quite often. But rabbits taste quite good, sorta like chicken. The food in the Czech Republic is in general really good and Czech Women are excelent cooks. My favorite dishes are: Svickova and Smazeny Syr I could eat that stuff all day and every day.
  13. ursula

    ursula Well-Known Member

    what is it with chicken? i like stuff with more taste. i love bloodsausage but you cant get it in america and kidneys if fixed right are delicious!!
  14. skate007

    skate007 Active Member

    haukur, thank you so much, you have been so much of a help to many of my questions! I am looking forward to trying new foods though, and that rabbit sounds umm, good :roll: actually I don’t think it sounds that bad!

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