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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by crissytravels, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. crissytravels

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    Where are the best restaurants in Brno and Hustopece? Quality food, good atmosphere? We are new to the Brno area, and find many good places hidden. We are casual people, and just want to find real home cooked quality food. Thanks!
  2. Petronela

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    I think it’s really is hard to recommend “the best” anything since everyone likes different things.
    Example: in Brno me and my husband went to a pub called Pegasus (not sure if it still exists or not … been few years) they brewed the beer right there, the food was awesome too, my husband was totally blown away by the place and loved it. So next time we were in the area we took my sister there and she ended up being totally bored....
    Hustopece, wow it’s been many years also, but if memory serves both local hotel (used to have no other name just “hotel”) and an upscale pub called Spagat made awesome food. With “hotel” being the more traditional. Also every fall “hotel” would have “myslivske hody” where they would serve wild game, all locally killed and insanely fresh. Their deer-steak and boar goulash were to die for.
    But like I said … it’s been a few years unfortunately:( darn now you made me miss the place hehe

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