Football (i.e. soccer) in Prague

Discussion in 'Sports' started by chris_cesar, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. chris_cesar

    chris_cesar New Member

    Hello, can anyone please tell me how much and how easy it is to go to a football match in Prague?
    I'll be there between 14 - 21 April and want to see the mighty Slavia vanquish FK Teplice at the Eden Stadium.
    If anyone can help, it would be appreciated (i.e. ticket availability, cost, etc.)
  2. Sigma

    Sigma Well-Known Member

    You can just walk up on game day and get a ticket. Tickets probably won't cost you any more then 100kc (at the most). You should be able to get a ticket for much less.

    I paid 30kc for tickets to watch Sigma Olomouc (best club in the Czech Republic).

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