Foregin Citizenship through marriage

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    I was wondering if anyone knows the details of how a Czech Citizen can acquire (with explicit expression) forgeign Citizenship (of spouse) through marriage without losing his Czech Citizenship?
    What conditions must be met?

    Good people on this forum and another forum tranlsated this for me:

    and I have this link:
    Which I translated with google so i have only a general idea of what the text says.

    I am still missing some crucial details.
    For example I am the foreigner (non Czech) in our marriage. At the time we got married I did not have my Canadian citizenship but now I do. Will my wife be able to acquire Canadian Citizenship without losing her Czech?
    Or will she forever need to keep her non Citizen status in Canada (i.e Permanet Resident) to be able to retian her Czech Ctizenship?

    If anyone has some insights or went through this process I would love to hear what it invlolves.

  2. wer

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    I suggest you to contact the Czech Embassy In Canada, they are here to solve your problem.

    1) The marriage must be recognized in the Czech Republic. (A marriage under Canadian law between two persons of different sex is recognized.)

    2) The marriage must be valid at time of the acquisition of the new citizenship (ie. you can’t be divorced).

    3) The newly acquired citizenship must be identical with the citizenship of the spouse.

    The date of marriage is of no importance. Crucial is the date of the acquisition of the new citizenship.
  3. slaha

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    Thank you for your reply.
    I will definitely try to contact the Czech embassy in Ottawa. This is very complex and I am considering talking to a lawyer with real experience in this specific matter.
    I would be happy to receive recommendations for an experienced lawyer.

    When I think about it more this sounds like a big loop hole for mixed (Czech and non Czech citizen) couples that want to immigrate to a third country and naturalize. There are no restrictions for such a case.
  4. slaha

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    We talked with the embassy today and they said the conditions are as stated
    1. Valid marriage at time of acquisition.
    2. The acquired citizenship must be same citizenship as spouse.

    The fact that the foreigner (me) did not have that Citizenship at time of marriage and just acquired it will not prevent his Czech spouse (my wife) dual citizenship.

    However, the nice woman form the embassy kept saying "probably" and stated we should call Brno for final confirmation.
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    Good to hear. Did you ever get final confirmation? I am in a similar situation...



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