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  1. soso84

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    I will be arriving Prague in April, at night around 20:00. I am thinking of directly going to Liberec from the airport since I have to attend a meeting there.

    What is the best route to take to arrive Liberec? (best as in cheapest + safest)

    Arriving at 20:00, do I still have time to use public transportation?

    Is there a shopping center in Liberec? Like many shops with good prices to buy?

    Its my first time to Czech.
  2. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    The last bus to Liberec (about 100 CZK):

    Černý Most, Prague: 21:30 dep.
    Liberec: cca 22:40 arr.

    It is nearly impossible to be in Černý Most at 21:30 using public transportation. (20:16 - 21:10 or 20:34 - 21:30)
  3. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    If your flight is early, you could manage to get to Černý Most by taxi. But better option will probably be staying one night in Prague and then in the morning go to Liberec. Other option is to rent a car and drive there on your own, but this require driving through all the Prague (Airport is in the very west, and highway to Liberec starts at Černý Most which is very east of Prague.
  4. soso84

    soso84 New Member

    Thank you for the replies!

    Yes my flight will be late.. Thats bad.

    So, I decided to sleep one night in Prague. I choose hotel Kampa Graden, this is the address:
    U Sovových mlýnů 9
    110 00 Praha 1

    Please guide me how to reach there from the airport if my plane arrives 20:00~21:00.

    Thank you.
  5. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    From airport to Hellichova Street (the tram stop Hellichova is located hard by the Kampa Garden) use:

    a) bus #119 to Dejvická, then tram #20 to Hellichova
    b) bus #179 to Vypich, then tram #22 to Hellichova

    (transfer ticket 26 CZK = 1 €, extra luggage ticket 13 CZK)

    If you are young and in good condition, you can spend the time slot 22:00 till 5:00 in a restaurant or non-stop bar. It will be certainly less expensive than the hotel.

    The first bus to Liberec departs at 7:00 AM. The underground is open from 5:00 AM.
  6. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I have checked on location of hotel of your choice and it seems to be in midst of the park Kampa which is not convenient for public transportation at all, especially if you are arriving after dark and don't know the City. It will take you at least one hour by bus to Dejvicka and then by Metro or streetcar. Prague public transport is very easy to manage, but I wouldn't walk from Helichova to Sovovy Mlyny at night with luggage. Then you will have to get on to get to Cerny Most which is in suburbs on other side of the Prague. If it is not too late you can perhaps look for some more reasonable accommodation anywhere by Metro (Dejvicka for example) so you can continue comfortably next day.
  7. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Magan is right. You'd definitely need a map to find the hotel from the tram stop. Getting to Dejvicka is easy, but then if you don't want to change hotels, I think I'd get a taxi to Kampa, especially with a suitcase.
  8. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    The original question was:

    I am affraid that the hotel in Kampa Island (and taxi) is not the cheapest solution. I should suggest a cheap hotel near metro in Prague 6 (Dejvice, Bubeneč, etc.) or in Prague 8-9 (Karlín, Libeň, Vysočany, Černý Most, ...).
  9. soso84

    soso84 New Member

    Thank you for the clarification.

    How much it would cost by Taxi from Dejivicka to my hotel?
    Unfortunately, I already booked!

    Any better solutions? (safety is my top priority here!)
  10. Dannae

    Dannae Well-Known Member

    Taxi ... well not sure how it is now (was not home since 2004) but back then the most expensive taxis were at the airport - simply because of tourists.

    But, maybe, your hotel can arrange a pickup for you?

    Any other ideas?
  11. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    From airport to your hotel you can go by public transport, or by taxi, or you can combine both methods.

    Using taxi from airport is clearly the most expensive option, about 600 CZK.

    All three possibilities are equally safe. I disagree that the Kampa Island is not safe in the dark. There are at least 5 hotels and 7 restaurants. It is a very frequented place even in the night.

    The cheapest and safe way:

    1) from airport to Dejvická use bus #119 (Dejvická is a terminal)
    2) from Dejvická to Malostranské náměstí use tram #20
    3) from the Malostranské náměstí tram stop go through Mostecká street to the Charles bridge (Mostecká is a safe street)
    4) on the right side of the bridge find the steps to the Kampa Island
    5) the Kampa Garden Hotel is about 100 meters from the bridge

    It will take about one hour (airport-hotel). Map is not necessary (I hope).

    From the Malostranské náměstí tram stop to the Kampa Island it is about 400-500 meters. If you are not able to go such distance on foot with your suitcase, then use taxi (either from airport or from Dejvická).
  12. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    The best taxi firm here, with English speaking operators, is AAA taxis. I don't have the number to hand, but I'm sure you'll find them on the internet.

    So I would get the airport bus to Dejvicka, then call AAA for a taxi to Kampa. I don't know how much it will cost, but whatever it is will be fair for the journey and a lot less than it would have cost in your country or mine! AAA will want the name of the road plus the building number (the red and blue plaques on every building) or stand outside the Diplomat Hotel - you can't miss it.

    And don't worry about safety. Prague is very safe. There's nowhere I wouldn't walk alone at night.

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