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    Hello boarders!

    I have a genealogical question. One of my aunts was known to us as "Bessie" but on a document showing my family's arrival into the United States, they have a Bozena listed. Is that perhaps the original Czech version of the American Bessie?
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    Bessie is neither Czech nor German, Božena on the other hand is ancient Slavic female name with no obvious counterpart in English. Bessie was likely chosen for it resembles the Czech name a little.

    Božena (from Bůh = God) means blessed by God. Linguistically, Benedicta and Theodora are the closest "western" names, but there is no standard for westernization of Božena. For instance the princess Božena, daughter of king Wenceslas I, was know as Beatrix (Beata, Beatrice) in the West.
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