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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by emiller160, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I'm new to this posting board, and I am very happy I found it. I have hit a dead end in searching for my family before they came to the United States. What information I have is what follows:

    Father Name: Frank/Francis/Frantz Miller (born Nov 1849, I think)
    Wife Name: Bertha/Albertina Miller (nee Linka) (born Oct 1855, I think)
    Religion: Catholic
    Came to USA: ~ 1892
    Town I believe they came from: Schlan (now Slany)
    Children that came with them to the USA:
    - Frank/Frances/Frantz Joseph (born 17 Oct 1875)
    - Albert John (born 25 Dec 1878
    - Joseph Miller (born Jan 1882)
    - Gustave Henry (born 26 Mar 1888)
    - Anna (born June 1889)
    - Mary (born Jan 1892)

    Can you recommend the best approach to looking for information on these people?
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    Hey Whaz up Eric,

    I am in the same predicament and was not too surprised that you got no help. Could it be that your family is German? I wonder. Please tell me how you resolve your delimma.
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    I have learned a great deal since I posted that back in 2007. For instance, I now know that they were not from Schlan in Bohemia, but rather were from Freiwaldau and Grafenberg in Moravia (modern day Jesenik). I found a cousin who had some original papers, including birth records, parents names, etc. I would like to go back further into time, and to explore some of Franz and Bertha's siblings, but have come up against dead ends once again. I was in contact with a man who claims that Franz and Bertha either lived in the house where he now lives, or just next door, but he mysteriously stopped answering my e-mails, even after promising to send me copies of some papers he found in the house that seem to have a direct link to my family. You mention that maybe the lack of response was because my family was German. I can understand that, as quite a it of ugliness happened before and after WWII. But, my family left well before all of those troubles and, in fact, my Grandfather Gustave would not even admit to having been born in Czech. He said he was from a small town in Pennsylvania and that the church records were lost in a fire. I know better though, but he was ashamed of Germany in the 30's and 40's. His son, my uncle, even died in the war as a US fighter pilot, and three other uncles also served in the US Military during WWII.

    I know the name of a pretty good genealogist in Prague, if that would help you. Let me know.
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    Hey Eric,

    Sure. Have you used this genealogist and do you know how much they charge?

    My grandfather also left before WWII, however He was in WWI. My grandfather claims to be Austrian. He I believe was born in a small village called Stadlo.

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    Hi. I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have absolutely no excuse, so I'll offer none. Anyway, on the question of the researcher, here is his information. He is highly reliable, and if you do a search on him on the internet, you'll see nothing but good reports. He sends you photos of the documents he finds, so you know everything is legitimate, together with the translation into english. He found a great deal of information for me, and I just today hired him to do more. He is not quick, as he amasses several research requests before starting, to keep travel costs down not only for him, but for us as well.

    His info:

    Jakub Smid
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    Hey Eric;

    Just read your post ... after over a year when you posted it, got too busy with life. Could you give me an idea of the cost. I too hired someone and recieved some information however need some more indepth research. Keep me post.


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