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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Tagarela, Jul 12, 2009.

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    If everything goes right, I'm going to travel to Czech Republic and countries next to it in January. I'm thinking about buying one guide book, so I'd like to have suggestions about good editors of travellers books. Probably I'll buy one of Czech and Slovak Republic or one for Central Europe. I intend to visit Czech Republic, Slovakia, at least Vienna in Austria and Cracow in Poland and perhaps something in Germany.

    Good bye.:
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    Thank you, rsalc1 =) I'll czech them out!
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    In the other hand, I hate Lobely Planet books, which I consider as widely overated. Every time I take a look at this guides I keep the idea that at least half of the pages are taken with directories of bars, restaurants, hotels and so. Wich for me is 100% rubbish. I would never follow this kind of advise taken from a guide book. Accordingly to my experience as a traveller, the vaste majority of these places happen to be tourist traps, perhaps because their fame grew so high, they can keep an arrogant atitude, and/or practising outrageous rates.

    Anyway... I like the Rough Guide to Prague, offering much better coverage than any other of the 5 or 6 guides I read about Prague.
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    Torgut, thank you for your advice.
    I'm going to buy my guide this week. I've already taken a look at soome guides. LonelyPlanet seems to have a lot of information of many things, there are other guides that are more illustrative, with many picture, including explanation of public signs and so on.

    Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness travel seems to be pleaseant, but it is of the kind with a lot of pictures, so I'm afraid that I miss some valuable written informations.

    You've mentioned the Rough Guide to Prague, so, do you think that the Rough guide to Czech and Slovak Republic is also good? It's by the same author by the way, Rob Humphreyes.

    Good bye.:

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