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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Yalden, Jun 29, 2009.

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    I have already mentioned some of them. In my opinion, Czechs tend to be more reserved and uptight (at least when you first meet them), more negative (they like to complain a lot!), less trusting, like to avoid open conflicts, on the other hand can be very friendly (after they get over the initial distance) and fun to be with (their sense of humor is often ironic and sarcastic). But again, I'm speaking in general and you might meet people who don't reflect the above mentioned features at all.
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    Skvělý! It sounds like I'll fit right in!!!

    I really think the Dutch and the Czech(s?) have a lot in common from what I've heard and read sofar... What do you think?? Do you know any Dutch people??? Do Dutch people/tourists have a good/bad reputation in CR?
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    Oh, good for you! I've met some Dutch people before and my experience was always positive. And I think the Dutch have a good reputation in the CR, so you have what to look forward to! To answer your previous question, it seems to me that it's both fear and personal experience with being sometimes looked down on. And FYI, I work as a translator.
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    Influence of communism? Be specific! So far all your observations on Czechs suit the Czechs from the pre-communist era as well. And it doesn’t suit the other nations which experienced communism.

    Slavic mentality? What is it?

    If anything makes the Slavic nations different, it is their mentality.
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    Definitelly! 8)

    I read somewhere that Czech and Dutch have the most extensive vocabulary as for the invectives, swearwords and vulgarities. :D

    Yeah, my cousin’s husband.


    Dutch tourist are somehow specific, they tend to cross the country with cars or caravans and they are interested in the Czech countryside more than any other tourists. Even the small hills seem be enough hilly for them. :D
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    I'm not sure what more you want to hear. I said what I had to say (including answers to your questions).

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