Havlickovy sady

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Ani, May 11, 2007.

  1. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    I'd like to go to this garden when I am in Prague again this summer. Am I right in saying that I'd get off at the Krymska tram stop and walk down to it? Im looking at mapy.cz and that's what it seems like. Is it easy to find?

    thanks :)
  2. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Havlíčkovy sady aka Grébovka, it is very easy to find.

    Maybe the tram stop Jana Masaryka is better choice if you want to go down the hill.
    Other posibilities: Otakarova and Nádraží Vršovice, but it is up the hill.
  3. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Zeisig :) Any other tips for nice parks and gardens that would be nice to visit in summer? I've been all over Letna and the Palace Gardens and the ones around Kampa, Petrin of course, but I wanted to find others that would not normally be on the beaten track :)
  4. eso

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  5. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Ani,

    Here are some of our tips: www.myczechrepublic.com/prague/parks-gardens.html

    Havlíčkovy sady is a really nice park. As Zeisig mentioned, it has several entrances. I'd say the nicest one is the main entrance off of Rybalkova Street. Get off at Jana Masaryka, walk in the direction of the tram for a block, turn right onto Máchova a then left onto Rybalkova. The park entrance will be a couple of blocks down Rybalkova on the right.

    I also really like the Divoká Šárka park, which is off of Evropská on the way to the airport and to which you can get by taking tram 20 or 26 to the very end, a stop called Divoká Šárka.

    Another "park" (it is really a forest) is the Hvězda in Prague 6, past the Břevnov Monastery. It is very large with lots of trails and paths. A real getaway. Take tram 15, 22 or 25 to Vypich.
  6. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    Just a side to this thread - the parks in and around Prague are one of the reasons I enjoy the area so much. In addition to the wonderful large parks, there are many small parks and squares that dot the cityscape. For a tourist like me, walking about ten times as much as I am used to, they are a welcome retreat to just sit and "people watch" for a bit. You could walk for miles here in Tampa and never see a bench, much less one under a nice tree (of course, you wouldn't be walking here - you'd be in a car with the windows up and the air conditioner going, even if you were just going to the corner store to buy a quart of milk :wink: ).
    I also liked the comment about going "down the hill". One of my traveling companions is a bit older and has some heart problems. We are always looking for ways to go "down the hill". Sometimes it means going past our destination on the tram, walking down to the place and, when we leave, walking down to what would have been the first tram stop to return. Luckily, tram stops are pretty close together.
    Hope you enjoy your visit and see many wonderful parks.
  7. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    Thanks everybody for all your help :) I've always wanted to visit Divoka Sarka too, maybe this time I will manage it :) Glenn, this will be my 11th visit to Prague, I've been coming regularly since 2001 when I fell under its spell. Thanks to my Czech friends, I have been to quite a few beautiful places outside Prague but I'm also aware that there are many more green areas in Prague itself that I haven't seen yet and I'm hoping to change that this time :D

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