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    thanks, Ark,
    no, I don't know much about rapper's style and content,
    it is time to get an opportunity to this too.
    South is plenty of memories, greek, pre-roman, designs, customes...
    no, we don't use english at University (the examinations are of very low level) but at PhD course we did almost all the work in english, and staying abroad is the only way to communicate (journal clubs, lab meetings, tea time)
    and, on your answer on 1968, sometimes it may be important at least to take a position, cheating, giving a sign.. really, I wander if it was left intentionally to loose the hope and surrend.... perhaps to avoid the blood floods?
    In the end, the choice showed to be correct, and gave plenty of results (till the Berlin wall removal). But what about the Afghanistan, why we are there, with Talibans armed thanks to the defeat of the russian army?
    history never ends to surprise and take an unexpected direction
    hope to see you one day, life in south is quite different (and out of time)
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    Yes, history is complicated with plenty of what if.... scenarios.
    Public Enemy is a political rap band which expresses the feelings of black oppression by African Americans in NY. A good place to start when listening to rap as most rap today is about cars, drugs, money, chauvinism, violence and gang culture perhaps not so good a place to start.

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