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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kimm, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Kimm

    Kimm Member

    :D Hello everyone,
    My name is Kimm and i'm so excited about finding this site. My Great Granfather and Grandfather both were born and raised in Prague.
    My grandfather came to the U.S.A. when he was 19. I am now just learning things here and there about the Czech-Republic and would love to know so much more. Some day (I hope soon !) i would love to visit Prague where my granfather was from. My relatives here in the U.S. say i have cousins still in the Czech -Rpublic to this day. Thanks ! Have a great day everyone!!!
  2. donquijote01

    donquijote01 New Member

    When are you coming?
  3. Kimm

    Kimm Member

    :D Hey, It'll be a while before i can make my trip to Prague. I must a lot of things here frist. But in the furture I am going and I really hope to have a lot of fun. Do you live in Prague? What is it like? Well see you for now.

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