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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tylerkaitlyn, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. tylerkaitlyn

    tylerkaitlyn New Member

    American chick looking for some new friends in the most beautiful place in the world. 8)
  2. omneo

    omneo Member

    hello from London, perhaps not quite the place you meant but hello anyway ;-)
  3. tylerkaitlyn

    tylerkaitlyn New Member

    Hello- To be honest I've never been outside of the US. I have dreamed of visiting Prague and have studied the city quite bit; however I can't say that London is less beautiful because I have not spent adequate time educating myself about your city to make that assumption. Good grief that seems like quite an excessive explanation, as you can tell I am quite the people pleaser and would hate to offend anyone, especially about their home. I am so long winded because I am sooo sleepy, but have become quite an insominac, therfore I tend to ramble on and on etc..... Thanks for giving me a reason to avoid going to bed for another 10 minutes, otherwise I would have had to stare at a blank screen for a while. Goodnight.
  4. omneo

    omneo Member

    :) if you are a real people pleaser i should tell you I'm actually Scottish and London is only my adopted for now home town ;)

    Hope you got a decent nights sleep!
  5. tylerkaitlyn

    tylerkaitlyn New Member

    :eek: Very cool, I've never known anyone Scottish. All of the photos of Scotland that I've seen make it look like a very beautiful place. I did actually sllep very well one I finally made myself go to bed. I am a nighttime person by nature and am stuck on 1st shift. I hate to go to bed before midnight, but that really stinks when you are back up @ 4:45 and have to work 12 hours (especially by the 3rd day in a row of this!!!) I also had a very cruddy day at work and was ready to crawl back in bed within the first few hours of being up. I work in labor and delivery and it can be physically and emotionally draining (today was a combination.) Thanks for hearing me out, I am sure that tomorrow will be a much better day-Fridays usually are. :D
  6. omneo

    omneo Member

    I can relate, i too am a night owl and find it hard to get to bed before 3am and then wonder why getting up at 6.30 is a nightmare :p then when I got myself a night job I couldn't sleep during the day either :p

    Glad you got some rest and yes, FFIF!!
  7. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    Heh, same with me. I have to wake up either at 6am or 5am in order to be in school on time and I usually go to bed around 1am, sometimes even later. Heh, 4-hour sleep is not enough for me though, that's why I am sometimes sleepy in school or even sleep on some of my lessons. Today I almost fell asleep on my English lesson, lol.

    Anyway, welcome to this board, you alredy got greeting from Scottish, so this one is from 100% Praguer.
  8. tylerkaitlyn

    tylerkaitlyn New Member

    Glad to know I am not the only person walking around during the day feeling like a zombie!!! When I was in college they would joke with me for falling asleep in class all the time, well all but the instructors-they didn't find it so humorous? :wink:
  9. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    My friend Tanya (from Kansas City) will be there late tonight with a tour group (to Praha) and be staying through next Saturday or Sunday.

    I'll try to find out what hotel she's staying at.

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