HELP! Czech Comedy Wanted.

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by BlackAdder60, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. BlackAdder60

    BlackAdder60 New Member

    I am trying to find an old Czech comedy film that I and my mother saw on TV some 30 years ago.

    In translation it was called "Crime in Prague". Not sure if this was a litteral translation or just a new title given the movie by the translator.

    It was an old (already then) BLACK&WHITE movie and is a comedy about a corpse!

    The storie was about 3 bums. Somehow there is a fight between 2 of them and one is lying on the ground *seemingly* dead. This is the movies opening.

    Then the other two bums begin a journey to get rid/hide the *corpse*. There are numerous comical highpoints throughout the movie involving the two men trying to hide/get rid of the corpse and in the grand finale the *corpse* comes a live!

    The 3rd member of the trio wasn't dead at all, just unconscious and all their travails were really for nothing.

    If you are an expert on Czech comedys or films please notify me.
    I would LOVE to BUY this movie, but really I would be gratefull for any scrap of info that you can give me.

  2. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    I saw an episode of a Czech series with similar plot recently... The two were hiding the "corpse" in a cupboard, which they carried on a push-cart. They avoided several policemen, then one cought them. They called the boss to investigate, but the "corpse" run away in the meantime.

    The series name is Hříšní lidé města pražského, but I do not think it is available to buy.
  3. BlackAdder60

    BlackAdder60 New Member

    THATS IT!!! Thats it. This is the film I am interested in. THANK YOU "very much Halef".

    I am still gratefull for any additional info that you nice people out there might provide both about this episode and about the entire series.
  4. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Some info:

    - series name is Hříšní lidé města pražského - The sinful people of the city of Prague. They are all criminal stories from the old Prague (19th century - start of the 20th I guess).
    - it has 13 episodes. This one is number 10, called "Kaprova smrt" - "Carp's death". Kapr is the name of the supposed dead.
    - the Czech Tv is airing it these days. In fact, I saw this episode just last week, that is why I remember the details.

    The Imternet Movie Database has some info on

    You can find the cast for this episode in "guest appearances".

    The series is quite popular. There are several full-length pictures (in color this time :) with the same characters and cast.
  5. Bohaemus

    Bohaemus Well-Known Member

    rather 1918-1938 - the first Czechoslovak republic
  6. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure but this sounds like Voskovec and Werich in "Hey rup!" This used to be a famous duo of comics before WWII.


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